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Thread: Waterbed users question.

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    Waterbed users question.

    Hello everyone. I am contemplating switching to a waterbed. I'm now using a sleep number mattress with a 1 1/2 memory topper.

    I generally start out in bed on my stomach and sometime during the night I'll end up on my side. It's very painful and I have a lot of tone after sleeping. I'm trying to find a solution that will enable me to sleep on my back and hopefully alleviate all of this.

    My question is, do you use a hard sided water bed or a soft side? With a hard side, is it difficult to transfer? I don't want to chance ending up with a sore.

    Would a hybrid bed be better. Part water bed and a portion of memory foam on one side be a good idea for transfers? I'd rather just use a water bed all together. Just not sure how difficult transferring would be.


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    i use a regular bag waterbed. your use of hard/soft sided confused me. yes, one has to learn diff xfer from the bag type, but for me, it wasn't hard. no xfer brd needed. been using this bed for over 20 yrs. no press sores ever, and i don't even turn side to side any more. in winter i can turn waterbed heater up, in summer down. i think ppl in the sci field who advise those of us w/sci have really missed the mark here. w/o my waterbed, i'd be screwed.

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    I used one for about 10 years, never had a problem with it and loved sleeping on it, but then I got married and 2 people on a water bed doesn't work as well when one of them easily gets rolled around as the other gets in and out of bed.
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    Thank you for your input. I had a water bed before my accident but therapists' convinced me that transfers would be too difficult.

    Cass, I had never heard of soft sided mattresses until recent searches. I think that they have a foam border for a frame. I think something similar to the select comfort.

    TexasWheelz, I'm a loner, so I don't think that I will have those problems.

    Again, I appreciate your opinions.

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    Yea the transfers were different, but I just needed to get up on the side of the bed and then use the frame around the water filled part for my brace when transferring.
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    You will get the lowest interface pressures with the orginal water "bag" type of water bed, with a hard sided base. Baffling decreases waves, but also increases pressures.

    Just keep in mind the following:
    • It is much more difficult to do ADLs such as dressing, and long sitting is pretty much impossible except for those with the very lowest levels of injury.
    • You cannot raise the head of the bed to manage episodes of AD, swallowing, GERD or breathing issues.
    • Most do not come on a base that allows the use of a mobile lift for transfers, which you may not need now, but may be a issue in the future should you be too weak to do this yourself, sustain an injury (such as to your shoulder) or have other reasons you cannot transfer without a lift.

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    If you have drawers underneath it could easily be converted to allow for a mobile lift.

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