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Thread: neuropathic pain in "feeling" areas

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    Dej all my primary Major is L3-S1 but have stenosis ddd and blown discs upthrough t9 and i am in constanpain blow the right side of the base of my neck drawing a line to my left armpit. everything below is affected.

    The is new work on how long term level 10 pain affects the pain centers in the brain and (my words) contaminates surrounding areas reflected in pain where mostly unaffected by serious injury.

    the Super MRIs in USC Stamford are working on this and can ""see" the phenomonon, too early to publish or make any valid assumptions/procedures to help.

    Ketamine coma was suggested by some involved and I applied for a compassionate exemption from the test but was turned down as it seemed a ketamine coma had NO demonstrable positive effect for SCI related pain was was helpful for phantom limb and post cancer breast pain

    The Ketamine Kitty

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    4 years after the symptoms appeared, i finally have the answer to my pains: I have a serious syrinx that is causing nerve damage on the right side.
    as we speak I have no feeling or sensation in my right arm, and my strength has severely deteriorated.
    i will get surgery for syrengomielia shortly. Hopefully things will get sorted.

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    I think of you often and appreciate your posts because you tell it like it is. Somehow that helps.

    Can you tell me more about the SuperMRIs at UCSF. What are they seeing? Do you have a copy of your report?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cass View Post
    i have feeling to my toes. and neuropathic pain to my toes.
    same here, but the feeling is more limited the closer to the toes you get, but my most savage pains are in the areas where the feeling/functionality are closer to normal. i'm t11-t12. i have found that sometimes the neuropathic pains are actually related to some real physical need, for instance needing to take a leak might feel like my right upper thigh feel like it's getting teased with a cattle prod. the relief is consistent if i find whatever is triggering it and take care of it, but not all of the pain works this way and certainly not the worst of it

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    My hubby is a C6/7 and has feeling everywhere~ he can't feel hot/ cold.. but has terrible neuro pain - burning mostly.. There have always been a few spots that bug him like crazy .After trying a multitude of things (lyrica, oxycodone, neurontin, amatryptaline, etc. etc. ) , he uses Xanax to control it. Not a great drug to be taking, but when you are faced with torturous pain, and you stumble upon something that takes it away, well.. it is what it is.. Just glad we found something, and hope the same for you ..

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