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Thread: TiLite ZR2 - adjusting foot rest height

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    TiLite ZR2 - adjusting foot rest height

    Hi all, I received my new ZR2 from TiLite over the weekend but the foot rest height was too low, I took a look at the screws at the bottom of the foot rest and am unsure of how to adjust the height.

    I removed both screws from the left & right side but it still does not move up and down.

    Can anyone advise and help n this. Can TiLite also advise how I go about adjusting this.

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    use a rubber hammer to push down it, it is a little bit hard, but it comes down...
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    Step 1 in chasmenger's post is important, unscrew it until you can see the entire head of the screw. Hitting a T-handle allen wrench with the mallet will help.

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    In other words, don't remove the screw
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    Thank you for the diagram chasmengr. I will try to adjust it tonight for sure. I can wait to start using my new wheels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TexasWheelz View Post
    In other words, don't remove the screw
    I removed 2 of the screws and it was still wedged in solid. The wedge inside the titanium tubes worked well. Fortunately, I did not unsit the inside wedge, else will be a problem putting it back

    But thanks for the advice all.

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    I did the same thing, but didn't look at the diagram first now the wedges are on the loose in the tubes and I can't remove the round clamp pieces from the bottom of the tube. I have been at the mercy of Duct tape. Any Ideas? Thanks for your help. I feel silly having done that.

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    Duct tape holds your footrest up? I would remove the footrest completely and then try to get the clamps out using some type of L shaped tool to tap it down from above the clamp.

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    Actually, hitting the footrest with a rubber mallet should pull it and the clamps out of the frame

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