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Thread: TSA Screening

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    TSA Screening

    Has anyone been through the new TSA screening procedure? How do they do a "pat down" in your chair. I won't do the back-scatter. In the past it was a fairly cursory screen and they barely ever checked my chair except for the chem. swipe. I fly next week-bummer.
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    I wonder about this too, take out a battery and you could fit one hell of a bomb or a big bag of drugs.
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    I flew last week and it was the usual screening for me. I was flying with Allegiant Air and in my manual chair. Good luck and have a fun, safe trip!

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    Be prepared for a pretty personal pat down. They now put their hands in places no strangers hands should ever go..........

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    It used to cost me a couple of drinks to get strangers to put their hands where they never should go. Now I have to buy a plane ticket!? The least they could do is buy me a drink.
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    About a month ago I was flying out of Las Vegas and I was lucky enough to almost experience an "enhanced" pat down. The guy checking me out asked if I could lift myself out of my seat for a second. I said sure. As he bent over to inspect my chair, my ass left the seat and let out the most offensive volcano-ass sulphur fart directly in the vicinity of the TSA guy's face. I got waived through. I win.

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    I flew just after the new regs went into effect.

    The pat down was pretty similar to the pat down I've been getting for the last 4-5 years, except that the screener was more thorough around the breast and crotch area.

    If you have not remained in your wheelchair for a pat down before, here's what normally happens:

    The screener will ask you if you have any sensitive areas, and if you prefer a private screening.

    The pat down: screener asks you to extend your arm to the side, feels down your arm with both hands. Screener feels your back from neck down to butt, may ask you to do a push up so she can get her hands under your butt. Screener feels the front of your body from neck to hips, including an artistic swipe under your breasts if female. Repeat on the other side. Screener feels along each leg from upper thigh to ankle. Hilariously, if you have taken your shoes off, screener feels the bare soles of your feet.

    The explosives residue test: if following the standard protocol, the screener will swab your tires, your cushion, under your seat and the palms of your hands. If you have not taken your shoes off, they will also be swabbed.

    Clearing the chair: the screener will check under your chair, and will feel any especially padded parts of the chair.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sh1wn View Post
    I wonder about this too, take out a battery and you could fit one hell of a bomb or a big bag of drugs.
    Yeah, but then the chair wouldn't go. Cushion would be a better place.

    Edited to add: and of course there are modifications for those who cannot extend their arms, or whatever. In the past (before the "enhanced" pat down), usually you'd just sort of get a pass - the screener would pat down what she could, and skip the rest. I don't know what the story is now, and haven't gotten a whole lot of feedback yet.

    If you do fly, it would be great if you'd report your experiences with the new pat down in the Disability Travel forum on Flyertalk: as well as here.
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    I haven't flown for decades and don't intend to, but a personal pat down like that would trigger my AD big time. I can just see me pulling out nitroglycerin ointment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rybread View Post
    It used to cost me a couple of drinks to get strangers to put their hands where they never should go. Now I have to buy a plane ticket!? The least they could do is buy me a drink.
    saturday night live did a skit, like a commerical for those 1-900 phone numbers, it was funny and sad at the same time
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    I flew last month from Detroit to Atlanta and didn't notice any difference. I wear AFOs and they didnt make me take off my braces or shoes. I can stand but wasn't asked to. They were making everyone in the airport wheelchairs stand but obviously if they weren't in their own chairs they have the ability to stand.
    My pat down wasnt invasive and I wasnt even asked to lift my butt. I think it is really going to vary from one agent to the next though.

    But you guys with reflex erections may find yourself in trouble if the agent gets too personal lol
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