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Thread: NYC for wheelchair users?

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    NYC for wheelchair users?

    My wife has been before, and absolutely loved the place, and she's desperate to get me to go?? I'm not sure what its like in a chair, dont mind pushing distances - afterall, my fave holiday destination since being wheelchair dependant is Las Vegas?!
    Just looking for any tips/places to visit/places to avoid due to access etc??

    All local knowledge or previous visiting experience is appreciated ;-)

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    NYC is pretty accessible, and nearly all the public buses have lifts. Take into consideration the time of year though, as snow makes everything more difficult no matter where you are visiting. If you like hustle and bustle the Marriott right in Times Square puts you within walking/wheeling distance of a great many things, including the theatre district. The backside of the hotel if you are up high enough has killer views of the river too.

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    NYC is pretty good. The only times you'll run into trouble is getting in to tiny boutique shops and hotels or small mom and pop places. Major tourist stuff is A-OK. Don't try the subways unless you're up for a real adventure. If you are, see these threads:

    San Diego, D.C., Atlanta, and San Antonio are pretty nice. Boston can be difficult at times, but is getting better.

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    I found during my trip to NYC that there were many rough surface challenges that would have ruined my fun. But with a FreeWheel it was great!

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    i ADORE nyc and have only had one issue when i couldnt see that a puddle was actually a deep pothole and i fell in (it was right in front of the curb cut) otherwise u can use any mta bus. subways are tricky as one side will be accessible but the next station wont (plus u dont need to use them as u can push ur chair pretty much anywhere in manhattan and brooklyn and queens). so yea definitely go, it's a really fun city and i wish i lived there!
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    NYC subway is great. Just make sure you know which stations are accessible!

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    Thanks guys, appreciate the info. Not sure when it'll be that we go but its now firmly on my list of things to do!

    ps Pat - you are shameless, but try to remember those that have ALREADY BOUGHT FROM YOU lol!!

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    As a new yorker i can say NYC is extremely accessible, yes their are some sidewalks that can make you say why and wtf, but most all tourist areas, and most streets are wheelchair friendly. and as far as subways like Dado mentioned just know which are accessible. all buses are accessible too.

    quick story 1 time my front right wheel fell in the hole between platform n train my dad n i were trying to get it out 4 ppl got up from their seat and helped lift my power chair while the rest of the car yelled at the conductor to hold the train, it was a true new york moment...hit me up or pm if u have any questions or anything
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