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Thread: Wife C4 quad just looking for help!!!!!!!

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    My advice would be to get to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center ASAP. It is a totally different experience, being in a SCI unit, with others in the same situation.
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    Thank you every one we are going to look into santa clara and see if we can move my beautiful there but we are not sure yet. she has rehab today so we are hopeing for the bast thank you all
    I love my girl and I know that she will get thru this <3

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    Wishing you & your wife the best of luck & progress!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Get the best rehab you can obtain (ideally in a SCI specialty center). Learn as much as you can from her team while you are there.

    Find a physiatrist who does primary care to help with her medical care and coordination of outpatient therapies, DME, and on-going SCI needs after she comes home.

    Get her home when done with rehab. Avoid institutional placements and hospitalizations by helping her stay healthy.

    Help her stay active, get involved in the community, and live life. Help her find a reason to get out of bed and out every day. Work with her to set and meet important goals.

    Try to avoid being her only attendant. You need to be her spouse/lover. If you have any coverage at all, or can afford even part time attendant care (esp. for bowel/bladder care), do it. It could mean your marriage.

    Do you have children?

    I wish someone had given my family and me such advice when I had SCI. It would have improved my quality of life tremendously.
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    I don't have any advice about rehab facilities, my rehab was 25 years ago and nothing like what she's getting by looking at the pictures. Rehabilitation equipment has really advanced in 25 years. She appears to be in good spirits. A positive attitude during this time is very important.

    It's also important to let her learn to do as much as she can on her own. It's going to be hard because you are her husband and will want to help her when you see she's struggling to do things. Looking back now I wish my family would have done that with me.

    This website will be very helpful to both of you. There are a lot of helpful people on this site.

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    Hi Love my Quad

    Welcome aboard
    I am also a fello quad and if you ever need anything please dont hessitate to pm me or contact me

    Your wife is very lucky to have such a caring lovely other half

    Tell her that I said hello , there is so much you both will learn and endure so just know that we care .

    Keep smiling

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    Welcome! Great place to come to for support. Thank goodness you found it now - it was a long time before I stumbled onto it. Everyone here will bring you comfort - and you will get honestly.

    As a mother, I know how hard this has been for me. My advise to you is be as strong as you can. This is a rough one - she is going to need you now more than ever!

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    So sorry to hear about the accident. Best wishes to all.

    Please don't underestimate the importance of the advice here. Getting into a top-notch SCI rehab facility is so important. We were happy with the care my son was getting and didn't move him because everyone seemed nice and capable. Fact is, nice and capable don't cut it when a SCI is concerned.

    Take care.
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