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Thread: Wedding Dress

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    I was just about to come say that I did a 2 piece dress

    Good Luck!
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    here is a picture

    L1,2 Para since 9-12-99
    Mommy to William (2004) Lucas (2008) Nathan (2011)
    The Wheelchair Mommy Blog

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    Wow glittergirl you look Stunning!

    I'm not married, but when I wear long evening gowns that are full length I have a trick to stop them wrapping round my front wheels. I make sure the back part is shorter, and only the front hangs down to cover my feet. You're sitting on the back anyway, so no one sees if its 30cm shorter- it just stops a big tangle!

    (I once had a wardrobe malfunction when going on stage to get an award and my dress wrapped round the wheel pulling the top part down so my boobs were showing- rather embarrassing!).

    I hope you have a lovely wedding, enjoy planning it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kara Rask View Post
    Everything that I seem to like has a sweetheart neckline. Although I like them, I think they may show a little to much boob (I am a big c small d cup), but then again I think it is our wedding I can wear what I want and if somebody sees something they didn't want to see oh well.
    I understand your concern over showing a little too much. A revealing neckline on a seated person may indeed show more than you want to show. But I think you can still wear a sweetheart neckline if you have it fitted correctly, especially if you go with the two piece idea that a couple of posters have suggested. A good seamstress can do wonders with alterations.

    Too the Happy Couple,
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    two piece dress

    I am starting to like the idea of the two piece dress. The long gowns are so hard to get on when seated and it should also help with any needed trips to the washroom.

    And Glittergirl, you looked so beautiful in that dress.

    Thanks everyone for your help in making my upcoming special day even more special.


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    Thanks ladies and good luck Kara
    L1,2 Para since 9-12-99
    Mommy to William (2004) Lucas (2008) Nathan (2011)
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    I just noticed that I said I was gonna post some pics and totally spaced it..sorry it took so long...

    Here are some of my dress

    God is good

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    You absolutely look breath taking in that dress. Lovely photos.

    I am sure by now you are geting excited as the date grows nearer. Hope your special day all and more than you wished,

    Congrats to you and that special guy on your new journey together..
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    Such lovely pics of you on your wedding day and what a beautiful dress! You were GLOWING. Thanks so much for sharing.

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    It is a beautiful dress and you are stunning. However, your wheelchair is sooo cooool! Just a guy's opinion. lol
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