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Thread: Medicaid and power chair

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    Medicaid and power chair

    So I was going to go with a manual and power assist... I recently had very bad shoulder pain, went to MRI and I have a few micro tears. Medicaid hasn't bought me a chair yet so I went to my DME and asked for a fast power chair. He said that medicaid will not approve me for a Quickie S646 SE or Permobile Street Corpus - the two chairs I found to have decent reviews because medicaid only approves chairs for in-home use. I dont want a chair that is slow and goes 5mph.
    Does anybody know which chair I should go with? My DME suggested that I go with Permobile C300
    I want to be able to drive a van one day, so I need a chair that will be suited for driving.
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    Medicaid has paid for the Quickie S646 w/tilt for me and two of my other buddies. Yes, power chairs are supposed to be for in-home use only, go figure. If you do get the 646 get the dock-n-lock instead of the ez lock setup. The dock-n-lock is not nearly as low hanging.

    I am in just the opposite situation, I got out of my pc to go back to manual. It depends on which vehicle I end up keeping to determine how I make the locking device for my ZR2.
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    Remember that Medicaid is a state program, so each state will vary somewhat in what funding they will provide and for which equipment. Medicare rules are the same throughout all states, and yes, their current rules say that they will pay ONLY for a chair used inside the home. If you want to get this changed, talk to your Congressperson. That is the only way it will get changed. One of the big problems is that many insurers (not just Medicare and Medicaid) go by Medicare regulations in what they will fund as well.


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    I own a Permobil C300. If you can get one funded, go for it. It only goes 5mph, but has outstanding 4 pole motors with high torque. Mine is like a tractor outdoors. (outdoor features are a stock hidden bonus).
    Easily goes up steep hills and rolls over most rough terrain.
    I have the Corpus seating on my C300 and love it. I had to pay out of pocket for mine on eBay. Mine was only 1 week old. $1950.00 + $400.00 shipping from Ohio to Cal.

    Take a look at the GIANT diameter drive gear in the motor housing. You don't get that kind of gearing as stock, in other powerchairs.
    C300 motor

    Compare to the gearbox of a typical motor below.

    I have also owned both the Quickie S 646 and the S 646-SE. (both self pay)
    The 646 was 7mph stock with 2 pole motors.
    The S 646 SE was 8.5 mph. with big 4 pole motors. (class 4 chair)

    I also at the moment own an Invacare 3G Arrow (self pay), for 7mph speed
    and long motor life. Nobody will fund that kind of class 4 chair.

    I wish I sill had my Quickies, but babysitting all those batteries in too many chairs is too much work and in the end expensive.

    If you can get a Quickie S 646 Funded go for it. you will get 7mph out of the box. They are very well built powerchairs.
    If you end up with the Permobil C300, you may find 5mph suitable with the outdoor features as stock a bonus. I shure like mine.

    Good Luck
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    Thank you for the input guys. I really hope I can get approved for the Q S646... I will just have to wait and see I guess.
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