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Thread: Stem cells successfully heal spinal injury patient

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    can dr wise please comment on these case ? i know its not concrete evidence with only one patient , but i wanna hear from dr wise whether what they are doing is good practice in medical terms to all of us sci patient or not ..thanksss
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    Has anyone else actually read this paper? ( ) I did and I have concerns:

    1. Take a look at Table 2 on page 6. The person in the case study does not have a typical ASIA A injury. At one month post and before any treatment, he exhibited substantial motor sparing in his left leg. That would predict that he will have substantial recovery anyway.

    I compare this to my own experience. I am now C6 ASIA D. At one month post, I had quite a bit less than what the study subject has, but over time, and with intense exercise therapy, I recovered to become a community ambulator. Had I had a course of treatments like the study subject, they could claim similar results.

    So I would say that the writers of this paper are cherry-picking the results here. In the last paragraph, they do mention the possibility of spontaneous recovery, and that it is extremely rare that someone who is initially ASIA A recovers bowel and sexual function. However, from Table 2, this person is not a typical ASIA A.

    2. The body of the paper appears to be a summary of various treatments of spinal cord injury. I read through it, and it really doesn't make much sense. Maybe it's just me, but what it looks like is they took a bunch of papers about SCI cellular transplants, sorted them by topic, wrote a sentence or two about each one, and put them together. I think they are trying to show that what they are doing makes sense, but that does not follow for me.

    3. I looked at the backgrounds of the authors. There are three or four names I could not track down, probably because they are Panamanian or Costa Rican doctors with no internet presence. Of the rest, none of them have a background in spinal cord injury or neuroscience. None! There backgrounds are in leukemia and chelation therapy and cancer surgery and internal medicine and cardiology. One may be a neurosurgeon at UCSD, but I could not verify that, though this person is a cancer surgeon there. If I'm going to get a treatment for spinal cord injury, I want the research done by people who specialize in spinal cord injury, don't you?

    In summary, I want to say that we as a community of advocates for spinal cord injury cures must hold our researchers and doctors to the highest levels of accountability. It is our bodies and our lives that we will be entrusting to them. This paper is an attempt to make an unknown and unproven therapy appear legitimate to further the marketing aims of a company that probably charges a lot of money for these therapies. I would stay far, far away from them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruce View Post
    Has anyone else actually read this paper? ( ) I did and I have concerns:
    Wise has commented with similar questions. SOURCE

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