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Thread: New car owners

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    New car owners

    Hey all I'm a soon to be new car owner and was wondering about products, coatings, or things to prevent the door sill from getting scratched up or is there no way around the inevitable. Also opinions on new light weight chairs and what to look into. Vocational rehab is in the process of helping me with a better chair. Thanks in advance

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    What chair are you using now? What do you like and dislike about it? What would make it 'better' for you?
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    I know you can buy transparent stick on stone chip guards, I'd be pretty sure they would also have the same type of guards for the rocker (area below door).

    Actually I think you can specify these prior to recieving your new car, not sure, look into it.

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    i bought some heavy-duty velcro and just stuck the fuzzy side on my wheelchair. down where the chair hits the car frame.

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    rhino liner for truck beds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LooseCannon View Post
    This is great! I have been searching for a reasonable solution for this problem for years. Thanks!

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