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Thread: Ok, so I'm not 'new', but I'm new to this part...

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    Colleen, hope it went well, haven't heard from you, prayin.

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    I'm back - and so is part of the body that went AWOL.
    My back hurts terribly, but I can (thought it's tiring) walk a good 100 feet with a quad cane. The shooting nerve pain down my leg is gone, but the bad ache is still there - oh well, it's a good trade off. I've got all but the pinky side of my hand back, and even all but 1/2 my ring finger & pinky are back!I can play guitar hero now, but am still working on adapting to playing the organ without all the fingers working.
    They tried to boot me out of the hospital on Saturday - had the surgery Friday, for 9 hours - what the heck were they doing? - I hit the OR at 7:30 & came to recovery at nearly 5. My daughter agreed to take me home Sunday evening. I'm bruised as all get out, but generally feeling well.
    I see him today & I'm hoping he'll tell me I don't need to use the chair anymore, but I already know that it'll be needed for 'outdoor' trips. He told me I'll never loose the AFO, and might need knee support added, but I can stand about 20 minutes (so far) without my knee 'going'.
    Thanks to everyone for caring.

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    Hey Coleen, Sounds like things went as well as possible.
    I hate it that it is such a rush to get people out of the hospital.
    Keep us posted.

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    So glad to hear things went well. Glad to have you back. Don't over do it.

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    I'm walking part time with a quad cane now, but for any 'long distance' I'm supposed to use a w/c still. The surgeon chewed me out last week because I was walking "so far" (from th waiting room to the exam room & back) so soon - he told me that with the amount of work he had to do to clear the nerves & my cord I need to treat my back as if it was broken bones & it'll take 8 - 12 weeks to heal (I'm a slow healer). He has me set up for PT on the 7th & OT on the 13th & said not to walk more than 15 minutes out of every 2 hours until they clear me. Boring! Oh well, I'll listen to him, of course.
    My left leg is still weak, the knee keeps going AWOL - which he warned me could be a probability, but even if I have to wear a KAFo, I'll still be up again!
    He said if I didn't "behave" & follow instructions they'd have to put rods in to support my spine, which would give me limited motion. O - K - I'll behave!
    Happy Christmas to all!!!!

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    Listen to the doc Coleen! You are making good progress.

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    Just saw this Coleen, I'm glad everything went well. I had my surgery a year ago in the same area. He put two spacers in and rods and pins. Mine lasted nine hours and the surgery itself went well, it's just I went south afterwards with complications. After two months in the hospital, I had to learn to walk again. I went in with a cane and now use a walker and w/c. They have been wanting me to get an AFO, and I keep putting it off. I've had a problem with swelling since the surgery and I think that's going to be a problem.

    Take it easy and don't do too much right away. Give it a chance to heal some.

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    Get the AFO, ten to one you'll be back to a cane after. The AFO allows for swelling - at least mine does. I'm using the quad cane, but it's better than nothing! I'm behaving now, stretched backwards in my desk chair yesterday & got stuck - my kid had to help me straighten out! Spent the rest of the day in my w/c, but I'm up again today - I'm limiting the walking though - learned my lesson!
    Thanks for the encouragment!
    Happy holidays to all!!!!!

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    Good to hear you are doing well Coleen! Rest easy and have a fabulous holiday!
    Ugh, I've been kissed by a dog!
    Get some hot water, get some iodine ...
    -- Lucy VanPelt

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