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Thread: Ok, so I'm not 'new', but I'm new to this part...

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    Ok, so I'm not 'new', but I'm new to this part...

    So, I'm having a laminectomy (L3/4/5 S1, possibly farther) soon, (VA's working on the scheduling) but I have no idea what to expect, especially with arm surgery being done at the same time. How long is the 'usual' hospitalization for just a laminectomy?
    I'm assuming somebody from the VA will tell m something besides what they're going to do, but so far...
    I have to be scheduled with the anesthesiologist, then they'll schedule the surgery, according to the surgeon, but he's just there to talk about his part, right?

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    WOW, had that exact surgery bout oh' say 12 yrs ago. Kinda a rough one, when they do it they cut the little supporting attachments on the vertibrae, and leaves them feeling kinda loose, like a skeleton kindof "rattling". You'll feel like the bones are kindof loose, but they'll tighten up eventually, just be careful. I hope it goes well for you, good luck. I got out in about 3 days, but then I got out in one day after fusion surgery, it was a breeze.

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    I Hope some of the good people here have some info for you Coleen.

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    I hope all goes well for you, Coleen. I'm sorry you have to endure that.

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    I would expect up to 1-2 days but it often depends. All surgeons are different but I am expecting they would order a brace/corset for you? Is that in the plan? You will have pain management during the immediate post-op time. You should be braced and sitting edge of bed the day after surgery. I have had people walking day 1 depending on tolerance and ability. The surgeon should explain the expectations. See if there is a spine surgery pre-op class available. Find a friend or relative to be "coach/buddy" for you. Line up some help ahead of time and put some prepared food in your freezer to make it all easier. Moving around after is good for you. I hope you feel better FAST!


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    Thanks, everyone, it all helps! Happy Thanksiving, too!

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    The surgeon's PA called today - I'm scheduled for surgery next Friday - 12/3 and I have my pre-op appointments this coming Monday. I did ask the PA about hospital time, he said it's day or overnight surgery, barring any complications.
    Good thing I'm going to my daughter's house after!

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    I had a 6 hours of surgery to perform a laminectomy 30 hours after my accident, T 1 through T7 to remove the blood clots and stuff in my spinal canal from the internal bleed from the fracture of T2. I spent 4 days in High Dependency (ICU) in Edinburgh and was then transfered to the Spinal unit in Glasgow where I spent 10 weeks on my back in the High Dependency unit there. The Spinal surgeon did not want to go back into the surgery site to fix it with metalwork so I was bed rest and natural healing, which was good as I have no metal or pain associated with that kind of work. After that I had a body brace on for 4 months while I started to mobilise and rehab. The worst bit I remember of it was all the x-rays (painful positioning), CT scans and MRI's before the surgery so the cutter knew where to cut. Then again at that point I had an unstabilised broken back and the other associated bumps and bruises so I was a bit fragile to say the least (threw up in the x-ray room from the pain).

    I hope this does not scare you, my surgery was much more severe than you are facing I sure and for a different reason.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on I for one would be very interested to know how it went and the recovery time ad procedure.

    Thinking positive thoughts for you on the 3rd.

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    Thanks for the info, I'll find out the "general particulars" (Yes, the PA actually said that) during my pre-op appointment on Monday. I'm curious, though, what's a general particular?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coleen View Post
    Thanks for the info, I'll find out the "general particulars" (Yes, the PA actually said that) during my pre-op appointment on Monday. I'm curious, though, what's a general particular?
    was reading your thread and wondering how you made out regarding information about your surgery?

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