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Thread: Coronado Springs @Disney World

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    Coronado Springs @Disney World

    has anyone stayed here? Wondering if there is any STANDARD accessible rooms with roll in showers, in the Cabana' s section of the resort.

    If you ask for a room that is accessible, close to the food Court & bus stop, I have learned they charge you a premium, what is referred to as a PREFERRED ROOM. This is $25 or $30 a night more. Over 10 days that's $300. Went on a Family vacation last year stayed at Port Orleans Riverside, we had 5 rooms, that was a extra $1500 just for the preferred room.
    With the Disney Secret Service, these simple questions are difficult to get answers to.


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    We stayed at the Polynesian Hotel on the grounds of WDW. It had a roll-in shower, two queen beds and a pull out bed. I think it ran $330 a night but it was on the resort. I just told them I needed a wheelchair-accessible room. The hotel was very wheelchair friendly. We were there in Jan. of 2008.

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