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Thread: Thinking of you all

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    Thinking of you all

    Hi everyone

    I want to just wish each of you all here at CCC a most special , nice , healthy

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Have a good day

    Sincerely ;
    Gypsy GL

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    Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Five years ago, our family sat at the table along with some colleagues visiting from Germany. My wife had been paralyzed in June and my mother had died in July. On reflecting at the time, I realized that in spite of those crushing blows there remained a lot to be thankful for.

    And there still is.

    - Richard

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    What a nice post to wake up to. Yes besides the given we all really do have alot to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving.

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    Thank-you sweet GL, I've been struggling a little this week and reminding myself of the things there are to be thankful for.

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    Hi "GL,"

    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, surrounded by good food and loving friends and family.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Care Cure family.

    All the best,
    GJ and NL

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    I wish all of you a very Blessed, Happy Thanksgiving day!
    Best Regards,
    Joe & family

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    back at ya GL

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    Very Happy Thanksgiving Day to all CC Members.

    God bless you all and have wonderful days ahead.

    With love

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    Hi everyone ;
    It was so nice just the 2 couples a multi culture thanksgiving , the 4 of us got together and had a small nice Turkey german , asian , indian , english lol
    I eat like a mouse and just had the turkey breasts , My B/F he had a huge leg lol
    and my Friend Alice she made lovely fluffy rice , light veggitables , She makes the best egg rolls , I had a nice glass of Dry red wine Merlot to compliment my turkey tastebuds .

    Edmund and me had this inside joke wine taste thing going on like something from Frasier , we compared wines and had a most interesting conversation about types and such He is so kool I like his German accent and hilarious sense of humor . We are both Gemini's and it makes things more interesting .
    Alice his wife is Asian she is a wonderful friend very rare kind woman , excellent cook to top things off just a really down to earth .
    My B/F is English and he is a scorpio lol he sometimes runs like 100 mph and I could never keep up with him , For years he was at mach 1 he is so funny because of his intensity .
    He loved the Drumsticks and dark meat , The guys got into them movies more than Alice and I because we both were busy doing kitchen duties lol

    All in a nutshell we topped dinner off with 2 pies one was pecan pie covered with whip cream and Pumpkin pie .

    It was fun to watch Avitar 2 in surround sound big screen , I have small televisions so to see a great movie on a fancy HDTV was really amazing .
    Simple moments like this are so special

    I truly hope you all had a lovely pleasent Thanksgiving

    Sincerely ;

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