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    Thank you for posting. I loaded the translated text just in case the story disappears:
    Van der Vorst Paralympiër running again

    Monique Vorster was elected in 2009, disabled sportsman of the year.
    Added: Friday, November 19, 2010, 17:16
    Updated: Friday, November 19, 2010, 5:28 p.m.
    Monique van der Vorst, elected in 2009, disabled sportsman of the year, could walk again and is no longer paralympic athlete.

    The 26-year old Van der Vorst hit on her thirteenth after a failed ankle surgery paralyzed in both legs and is now in a wheelchair.

    In 2007 she ran in a road accident even a partial spinal cord injury.

    In 2008 she won at the Paralympics in Beijing two silver medals at the hand bike. She is also a multiple world - and European champion and won last year in October the famous triathlon in Hawaii.

    After another accident this spring, she suddenly felt her legs back. "It's a strange story. Nobody has an explanation," said a spokesman of the Johan Cruyff Foundation, which accompanies her, against De Telegraaf.

    "Her life is now on its head, we try in the right direction. In any case, her ambition to paralympiër no longer valid and have the athletes to belong."

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    One is of course thrilled for the lady that she sees some return of function, but it is not plausible that she would see a total return of function.

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    she walks almost normal, after 12 years
    this is the youtube links

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    Spinal shock mechanism

    We would all benefit from the knowledge what cause Monique Van der Vorst spinal cord to work or not to work.

    To me looks like polarization filter for camera. In different position let different light to go through.
    Certain bio-chemical processes in moment of spinal cord injury activate shock mechanism that block or stop signals of neuro transmission (nogo hormons are possibly just part of this "game").
    What cause neuro signals to work properly again...hmm....another twist of filter?

    According to my own experience when part of my broken C6 bruised my spinal cord at swimming accident I was immediately totally paralyzed.
    Later return of some sensor and moto functions is probably evidence about some spinal cord switch that immediately disable neural transmission in matter of tenth part of the second (don't believe that hormones in body can be even formed so fast). If that switch is triggered again by accident or operation, the whole system can start to work at different way.

    Possibly Monique Van der Vorst is the most important person for millions of people suffering from incomplete SCI that can help scientists to figure out this mechanism.
    If they know what to search for...
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    thats just so awsome

    its going to happen to us too

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    Very interesting indeed, which begs the question: how many of us have hidden potential waiting to be awaken like that?

    P.S. I think the title of that thread should be more specific like "woman walks again after 13 years because of a car accident" ... anyway something that tells more.
    Pharmacist, C4-5 injury but functional C6 (no triceps/flexors)

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    It appears she does not walk very far, though her form is excellent.

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    I just learned of this story. Crazy but so cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alipur View Post
    she walks almost normal, after 12 years
    this is the youtube links
    I had look at the video, nice movie but a shame about my (non-existent) Dutch.

    Thanks for the translation of the article Wise, but I feel a lot more was said in the actual interview with Monique.

    Perhaps the most revealing responses on U-tube were not those of normally sane individuals as the negative ones. As is so often the case, one comment was a completely irrelevant pseudo theological diatribe by some cretin about pedophile priests. What have they got to do with Monique's recovery? Zip!

    I have come to think that recordings like this must be a spoof, because so many others do. Comments like "she doesn't walk so well" are totally fatuous. If I could walk half as well as her I would be so pleased.

    I shall add a thread about not only about SCI research, but the entire scenario.
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