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Thread: Colonoscopy prep

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    Colonoscopy prep

    I am a T5-6 paraplegic who just had a colonoscopy. I went on a 3-day liquid diet. The night before the procedure, I went into a nursing care facility to do the prep (I am on Medicare and could not do this in a hospital!). The prep consisted of 2 ducolax tablets followed by a gallon of Go-lytely. In the morning they did a couple of tap water enemas.

    The problem was that the doctor could not "see" everything because of the presence of "liquid poop"!! He wants to do another colonoscopy in a year, and is thinking of 2 days of Go-lytely.

    Is there a better solution?

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    Hi "Spiels,"
    Welcome to the Care Cure Community.

    There is just no one size fits all for the cleansing procedure for a quad or para before a colonoscopy. A three day liquid diet should get everything that has to move down moved down. Did you do your regular bowel programs while you were on the liquid diet? My wife assists with the cleansing process and does a lot of digital stimulation the night before the colonoscopy after I drink the entire gallon of colyte. Without the level of digital stimulation that she provides, there is no amount of diet prep, laxative or colyte that cleanses properly. I have had several colonoscopies (I am a c 6/7 quad, complete) and my gastroenterologist is always appreciative of our (her) efforts to provide him with a clear visual field. Neither hospitals or nursing care facilities have the number of staff to dedicate to the process or the staff that is motivated to do what is necessary to evacuate the colon before the procedure. It is not an easy thing for either me or my wife, but she gets it done and luckily, I am on the five year repeat process.

    Sorry I can't deliver a better plan or solution.

    All the best,
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    Shyt!!! I gotta have one next month, not lookin forward to it(the prep work) , Gawd dangit don't we have enuf poop problems w/o haveing to INDUCE poop!! It just ain't right.

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    We start the prep earlier in the day (generally start the Golytely around noon), and recommend a low fiber/low residue diet for 3 days ahead of time, along with continuing with good bowel care daily for the 3 days prior to starting the prep. I would not recommend taking more Golytely as this could cause you some serious electrolyte imbalances. Instead, a few doses of Miralax or additional bisacodyl tablets several days ahead might be warranted. People with SCI have a slower transit time (up to 3-4X that of ABs) so this has to be taken into consideration in planning the prep.


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    KLD, I had a colonoscopy at the Haley VA in Tampa. They admitted me on Friday night. I drank one gallon of Go-lytely on Saturday and another on Sunday. They also gave me an IV Sunday. Had the colonoscopy on Sunday. I always thought that was overkill. Do all VA's follow the same procedure? I'm due for another colonoscopy next year - 5 years after the first. Thanks, Mike
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    I'm T6/7. I never had to go to any hosp or nursing facitlity to prep for a colonoscopy. I drank the golytely around noon and just sat on the toilet,drank the prep, digitalized and had the scope the next day. I have good skin so didn't worry about sitting on the john for 4 hours or so.

    Just had one since my colostomy and it was really easy; drank the prep and emptied the bag when needed.

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    Thats the part I'm afraid of, sitting on the pot for 4 hrs, since I have no feeling like i'm gonna cut loose.Maybe I'll move the tv into the room

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    OK you all just convinced me. I not doing it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheels09 View Post
    OK you all just convinced me. I not doing it!
    I would urge you to still get your colonoscopy. Use of this test for early detection of colon cancer has dramatically decreased deaths from colon cancer in the USA. The prep is a pain, but not as much as colon cancer!


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    Hi, what age should you start getting checked? Any earlier if you're SCI? And I'm wondering if the bowel program increases risks for colon cancer?

    I'm 26 years old (sci for 7) and use magic bullet + dig stim every other day. This sure does not sound fun, but you're right, I'd rather be preventative rather than reactive.
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