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Thread: SCIC home care questions

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    SCIC home care questions

    Hi, new to this forum. I just had surgery to repair my urethra due to strictures which caused low urine flow, thin stream, frequent urination, and repeat UTI's. They enlarged the urethra, cystoscopy and the DR sent me home with instructions to perform SCIC once a day with a FR. #14 or 16 (not sure). After surgery my urine stream was amazing which i knew would be. It has now been 2 1/2 weeks and the stream is a little less forceful but still way better than before. When i insert the catheter about 3-4 inches i hit something that hurts a little. The main questions i have are when i perform a SCIC, do i go in and out several times like literally cleaning a smoking pipe? Do i insert and just leave it there for 5 min. or so? I really do not want to have to repeat this surgery and do not want to perform this for nothing. Please help!

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    After cleaning an lubricating you sowy insert the catheter unti you get urine then a little bit more then you stop till the urine no longer comes out. You press on your bladder to completely empty then you withdraw the catheter.

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    I don't have experience with strictures, but I am wondering if using a coude tip catheter may be an option in your case. If you are using the catheter once a day, how do you void and what is the quality of that voiding without the catheter? Are you spinal cord injured?

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