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Thread: For Canuck...Iced Coffee Machine

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    For Canuck...Iced Coffee Machine

    One upon a time, there was a thread about coffee machines and I remember discussing an iced coffee machine with you that unfortunately turned out to not exist. I can't find the thread but I found an iced coffee machine and thought I would let you know.

    It is essentially a combo coffee maker and blender. You put the coffee in the top to brew and the ice and all the other ingredients goes in the bottom. Once the coffee brews, it blends it all together and you get a frappucino kind of drink. Works pretty good. Not sure if there is a London Drugs there but that is where I bought mine. Walmart apparently sells them as well. Not overly expensive. It comes with a recipe book, so it is possible to make some fairly fancy drinks. But you can also use it to just make plain iced coffee as well.

    Probably something one would enjoy a lot more in the summer but since I bought the machine last week, I have been drinking tons of iced coffee. Despite the fact it is currently -30 degrees here.

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    Thanks for the info, will look into it when I have some more money & after I move.

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