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Thread: Rectal pain, Anyone?

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    no luck with the nitro cream the only thing that hepls a little is pain killers. I did feel slightly light headed, but I only have been using a little dab. Maybe this means I should try more? Like a dab the size of an actual pea? The instructions say to use 1/2 an inch. That seems excsesive.

    but I am going to try pelvic floor pt. And biofeedback. I'm not exactly sure what this involves but I'm rather curious to see.
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    Hey, how about we try to come up with a marijuana somthin or other for rectal pain, ya know like , hey here, try this brownie, just stick it up the wazzo and .... or the old saying" blowing smoke up yer azz?" I tell ya, just had the pain last night, gawd awful, like a lazer cutting the ol vas, or it's got your urine tract in a pinch. Couldn't sleep from 3:10 on, dammit.
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    Levator Spasms And Pudendal Nerve Entrapment

    I have Levator Spasms constantly. I have tried the Nitro cream and it didn't help.I also tried a lot of medications. I also tried EGS(Electrogalvanic Stimulation).EGS is a procedure where they stick a probe in your rear and slowly turn up the voltage.This is suppposed to relax the Levator muscle.This didn't help me either.I tried physical therapy and it did help a little, but not much.The physical therapist said I probably have PNE.What is PNE? The PNE nerves run vertically down each side of the buttocks close to the butt crack.When these nerves are entrapped or iriritated, they can cause Levator Spasms,urinary problems,and pain in the penis and testicles.I found a lot of information on PNE on the web. I really think my levator spasms are being caused by the Pudendal Nerve.Their are only two doctors that I know of who treat people with this kind of a problem.One doctor is in Phoenix,Arizona and the other is in Houston, Texas.

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    I had the softball that became a baseball, now a golf ball. Now I reflex void most of the time. Every time my bottom puckers up and gets numbish. Then when I finish it still feels like I have to crap for 30mins. or more. Seems like they try to work together. Who knows, this is crazy stuff, your not alone.

    Hey Tarkus, Doe's the Valium mess with your bowel issues?

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    It woke me up one night

    Quote Originally Posted by seawalker View Post
    I think this is quite uncommon, but it would be nice to know if anyone else experiences neuropathic rectal pain (not from bowel care).

    For me, it feels like there is a golf ball, or broom stick lodged in my rectum all day long, I get this feeling only every other day. Very wierd. The neurologist at my SCI rehab said that he had a patient say that it felt like she had a hot poker up there all the time.

    It was suggested that I increase my dose of neurontin, which makes sense, but it doesnt help at all. I Know my neurogenic bowel isnt helping this either.

    I doubt there is much I can do about it, but it would be nice to know if anyone else has this sensation.
    I know exactly what you are talking about in the middle of the night the pain woke me up it felt like someone kicked me square in the sphincter!! I tried different positions and eventually had to get up and take some pain meds I talked to my spine surgeon and he believes it will subside as i heal more thankfully it does not hurt 24-7 just seems to "attack" while i am laying down..

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    I have all the classic symptoms of someone with PNE. It has become my disability and I cant sit on my bum at all. Since I made this first post my pain has gotten extreme. 3 days ago I had a CT guided pudendal nerve block done by a radiologist who does these all day long. I received hardly any relief from it. I am mystified as to why it didnt help. Maybe I got 2 hours of some relief from it. There are not many PNE surgeons in the US and the success rate is only like 60 percent. Check out Pudendal Hope website

    I think with SCI there are 3 factors going on with this butt pain. Chronic tense or spasm pelvic musles during BM's, irritation to the pudendal nerve, and most of all evil central pain. I guess much of this is central pain.

    Waking up in the middle of the might with sphincter spasm is often known as Proctalgia Fugaux. You can google that one.
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    Proctalgia Fugaux

    Thank you i will Google it mine seems to be less frequent lately sorry to hear to hear the nerve block didn't help I also had one and to be honest i hurt more afterwards not to mention during he claimed he was added a second dose is why it hurt so much there was no where for the fluid to go but add pressure i guess..

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    Seawalker, yeah welcome to the group of chronic but pain. I am a t-10 para and i have the butt pain pretty extreme when i first got injured, My description of the pain at it's highest was like a hot potatoe with nails was in my butt, Yeah that bad. I got injured on the job, so we tried all means of eliminating the pain, to no avail. The only way the pain subsided is when i dont' focus on the pain and try and stay busy, occupy my time with going back to work, so forth. The pain went from everyday to about 2 two times a week. Nick

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