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Thread: Rectal pain, Anyone?

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    Rectal pain, Anyone?

    I think this is quite uncommon, but it would be nice to know if anyone else experiences neuropathic rectal pain (not from bowel care).

    For me, it feels like there is a golf ball, or broom stick lodged in my rectum all day long, I get this feeling only every other day. Very wierd. The neurologist at my SCI rehab said that he had a patient say that it felt like she had a hot poker up there all the time.

    It was suggested that I increase my dose of neurontin, which makes sense, but it doesnt help at all. I Know my neurogenic bowel isnt helping this either.

    I doubt there is much I can do about it, but it would be nice to know if anyone else has this sensation.
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    Ya, I have it. I think it is just from the injured nerves in the center of the spinal cord and it simply gives you this sensation since you can't feel your rectum. The central nervous system is a quirky thing for sure. Just try to stay busy and not focused on the pain is the best thing you can generally hope for if meds don't seem to help.
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    Nice to know im not alone, the wife may not think im as crazy anymore! I always go to worst case too. Have you guys found anything at all that helps? Keeping my mind off of it has pretty much been all I can do too (had it for almost a year too) but lately the sensation has become more severe and painful its impossible to ignore.

    I have found that sitting on a hard surface makes it worse, and have started to sit on one of those donut cushions which helps. I also notice that when my bowels are cleaned out (like after a run with loose stool) I dont have the sensation. I can feel my rectum some what, and I can tell after a bowel movement that there is always a bit of stool that stays in the shoot (to high to remove) Leads me to believe that the stool is irritating and contributing to the problem but not necessarily the root cause I feel like if I could completely eliminate my bowels, the pain would not be as much of an issue. Keeping things soft helps a bit but is not near enough.
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    This may not apply here but since I can identify with rectal pain I'll chime in. I have rectal sensation and WAS suffering from an anal fissure. The pain was awful. My internist prescribed 0.2% nitroglycerin cream. It's REALLY important to have it formulated to 0.2% and not the standard 2.0%. I applied a DOT of this stuff and the pain was gone in seconds. Supposedly I was having spasms of the spincter which the nitro calmed. It was a life saver for me. Of course one has to be careful about blood pressure when using this stuff. And if you use more than a DOT you'll get a headache. I hope this has some relevance for you.

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    I have it as well but not daily or even every night; just every once in awhile. Actually, for me, it is Levator Ani muscles. But as Curt said yep, coming from lower spine. Of course everyone is different but it took me 3 years to get it sorted out. I was going back and forth from my spine doc to the Urogyn as I had one test after another. And I don't want to get graphic but what really helped was pelvic floor PT. Having said that, being a woman is quite different than what the men have to go through in regards to this. Even so, just get this problem too. Again, I am not sure if we are speaking of the same thing. All I knew is that I was having gawdawful spasms without knowing why. Seawalker, yes, use the donut cushion and yep, avoid sitting on hard surfaces. But beware of one thing with the cushion. It can also cause those muscles to stretch even farther. I only use my own when I drive. There are also exercises they taught me. I don't know if you can do them. But one of them was squats. And last but not least, what really helps is Valium. I will just cut the pill in half, take it and wait for a little while. Normally about 20 minutes. Also, if you can, get a "lumbar roll" to put behind you. That way you are not sitting on your tailbone. It kind of pushed me up and forward causing me to sit on the "sit bones" and not my spine so to say. Oops, one more thing. This is going to sound weird. But get a microwave "bed buddy". I know, I know, it sounds goofy. But the heat also helps. Okay, enough of me. Like I said, I am not sure if any of this will help. It is just what I have had to do.

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    I felt like I had a tennis ball up my butt for the first five years. Then it just stopped !!
    That's what's great about SCI you never know what's coming next.

    Be Big,

    PS-Kathi49 I have found that low doses of Valium work wonders for me. Problem is the docs are reluctant the prescribe because they pumped them out to bored housewives in the 60s and. 70s.

    But oxy no problem. Strange.
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    I used to have that a lot, and now it's only once in a Tarkus says, you never know what will happen with SCI! The neuro said mine was from a central cervical cord lesion (MS).

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    Thanks for the tips Kathie, Ill ask for some valium to try and see if that helps. Im glad to hear some of you got rid of that damn tennis ball
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    i've had the tennis ball up the A-hole feeling for all of my 10 yrs of sci. it was twice as bad when i sat on a jay2 cushion. i still feel it on different cushions but i guess i've kinda got used to it over the yrs.

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    That's not uncommon at all. Welcome to the club.

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