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Thread: Biofeedback for Pain Management~

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    Biofeedback for Pain Management~

    Have any of you practiced this technique either by the classes they offer or the self-software package.

    Have any of you had success with this?

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    Cmccoy - I had success with biofeedback for chronic pain management. I should define success. It helped me better understand the complex phenomenon of 'pain'. It helped clarify for me the distinction between the emotional response to pain with the attendant sympathetic outflow (fight or flight response) from the afferent input that I experienced. Perhaps I could have learned these things from a book on chronic pain.

    I had a great biofeedback practitioner who played a big role in my experience. I question if a self-software package could do the same.
    I think I did 25ish sessions. I did it 2 years after SCI. I am now 9 years post SCI.
    I hope this helps.

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    also did it, concur with dog except to add that I found the anticipation and anxiety marginally added to the pain and acceptance removed the "fear" component of pain and if you havedaily recurrences of spastic pain activity on top of the normal torture it is worse.

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    I just finished this book:

    A Whole New Life: An Illness and a Healing

    It is an author's memoir about his experience and survival of a cancerous spinal cord tumor and the resulting paralysis.

    The author talks about his nearly suicidal level of central pain, and of all the treatments biofeedback is what gave him his life back. He says he no longer needed any meds except for a low dose of antidepressant.

    Sounds interesting. I have leaned to control my anxiety and fear of pain for the most part (although I do fortify that confidence with medication when I leave the house). But I wonder if it is possible to really push the pain to the back of your mind and regain a quality of life again?
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