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Thread: Rectal pain, Anyone?

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    yes. not often, the worst kind, like a stab up the wazoo, more often, burning, buzzingbee feeling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt Leatherbee View Post
    Ya, I have it. I think it is just from the injured nerves in the center of the spinal cord and it simply gives you this sensation since you can't feel your rectum. The central nervous system is a quirky thing for sure. Just try to stay busy and not focused on the pain is the best thing you can generally hope for if meds don't seem to help.
    I can feel mine now, and have tone, that I did not have for five years, but the burning is much worse now that there is not so much numbness.

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    Yes seawalker, I ahve the pain, it varies from foot to calf muscle to the rectum to the perineium, wow what a zinger that is. lasts about 20 seconds then again in 20-35 seconds it hits again. Gawd if I didn't know any better, maybe treat it like a electro shock to get off, but dang it HURTS! Sympathize with ya , good luck.

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    Asshole pain

    Count me in to your group of the unlucky SCI. Why do I always seem to relate to these "does anyone else suffer from" threads? Just once I'd like to read one of these threads and say "shit it must suck to be you".
    Most of my intense rectum pain follows dig stimming. Though it's more like blinding pain. When I get stimmed I see stars. My daily 15 mins of Hell. It then takes me an hour just to recover.

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    Has anyone else tried nitroglycerin paste for this type of pain? I had to special order the 0.2% formula and am praying that this might work. There is a chance that it could be pelvic floor spasms. I had something called an MRI defocography where they give you an enema and stick you in the mri machine and watch you poop it out. The test showed no spasms, but I am also supposed to get an anal monometry test done next week. Since my rectal pain has become extreme I have also noticed that my sphincter has really tightned up and I can no longer have a regular BM. I have to liquify it with mag citrate. This is getting crazy. If it is not spasms, and turns out to indeed be central pain, then I will have to get a intrathecal pump put in and or a colostomy. Damn shame when my bowels were working ok two months ago.
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    Don't overreact. I had yrs of hell, finally got the fissure AND the fistula repaired, quit using supps, tried v. lubes and quit latex gloves. Come to think of it, my inner ass hasn't bothered me in quite some time. (No jinx, pls, no jinx.)

    PS- the nitro def helps w/ the crazy-tight pain sphincters. Which allows circulation which allows to to heal and relax so you're not re-injuring w/ each bowel mvmt.

    Of course, the nitro made me pass out on the floor....

    This may sounds nuts, but rinsing your colon w/ warm water and syringe (or baby snot aspirator), 50 cc or so, do a dig stim to empty. Esp if you use supps, that stuff is burn-y. I finally healed and didn't have to rinse any more. Use tons of lube.
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    hey Betheny thanks for the input!

    How much of the paste did you use exactly? Do you put it on the rextum just past the opening? I'm scared of taking it for fear of passing out! Good thing I did my research because the doc prescribed me the 2.0% so I can't trust his instructions. Did you always get super light headed everytime?

    I don't have a fissure myself, it's just the nerves. But I'm glad to hear you finally got some relief.
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    I had spasms up there never had golf balls , tennis balls or things small like that
    but I felt like a turkey was up my A-s

    I stoped using suppositories and found out that one in a blue moon the turkey wants to come out so I drink a glass of warm prune juice , a lil mineral oil and whalaaa mr Turkey passes

    I take anti spasm meds that help alot

    Maybe I could have gotten a job at a golf course or tennis court who knows but no one wants turkeys ......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynne View Post
    This may not apply here but since I can identify with rectal pain I'll chime in. I have rectal sensation and WAS suffering from an anal fissure. The pain was awful. My internist prescribed 0.2% nitroglycerin cream. It's REALLY important to have it formulated to 0.2% and not the standard 2.0%. I applied a DOT of this stuff and the pain was gone in seconds. Supposedly I was having spasms of the spincter which the nitro calmed. It was a life saver for me. Of course one has to be careful about blood pressure when using this stuff. And if you use more than a DOT you'll get a headache. I hope this has some relevance for you.
    You really need to apply just a dab of this stuff to get relief. Just a dab on the end of your finger applied to the rectal area and slightly inside. As I said, too much will give you a headache. I used to just apply it and lie down for a few minutes. The pain was gone.

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    lynne, thank you. After my doc gave me the 2.0% formula, I went back and looked at your old post. He did not believe me, so I used your info to find proof in a GI medical journel stateting that it needed to be 0.2%. Then he took me seriously. The pharmacy at johns hopkins couldn't make this stuff. What a world class institution! I had to find a compounding pharmacy to make it and am waiting for it to come in the mail. I hope it works. Thanks again. You saved my butt.
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