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Thread: How do I let my HHA go?

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    How do I let my HHA go?


    My story goes way back to Feb of 2010. I had a spinal Cord Injury @ L1
    I am now fused from T-10 to L3. I try to make this story short. I was paralized for 54 days....Today 11/2010 I almost made a full recovery. I went from a wheel chair , walker to a single point cane and now I walk on my own. I still do suffer with tons of back pain and I cant really lift or bend that well.

    At first when I left rehad I couldnt walk, I couldnt do much for my-self. I live with my parents and had to stay in their living room because I couldnt get to my bed room up-stairs.
    I qualified for a Home Health Aide... Julia. I get 8 hours a day 7 days a week.
    Julia started in April, and she did everthing a girl in my position could ask for. She sponge bath me, dressed me, help me get to a bed side commode so on and so forth...

    Now we treated Julia as part of our family (MISTAKE), we always provided food for her, and let her leave earlie all the time. Mainly because my mommy was there to take care of me. When I go out to get a coffee its like shes always broke and I feel bad for her and offer to get her things.
    i think it has come to a point where she is just taking advantage. And to add shes always aking me for things, even the things that I get from the hospital for my own needs for example.. body wipes.., gloves to take home whatever she can get for free she will take it!

    As time went by and I got better I dont think julia was happy at all. Shes always telling me that she needs hours to pay her mortgage, and how much she needs this job.

    My thing is if you needed this job you would be here to actually work, and not beg me to leave earlie or clock out for her. I mean, i know its my fault but I was trying to be nice and I could use a little time to my self...when i wanna go out on my dates, dinner, breakfast....

    Now I drive my self and spend time at my friends house.. she comes over my moms house clocks in and just leaves. I understand I am not there but goddd at least help my mom clean, or at least clean my room or something.

    Now i told her that she should try to find something on the weekends. And she got up-set. All this woman does is watch TV and eat free food from us.. its like how do we get rid of her??

    I just got approved for long term care...umm why I stll dont understand.
    i dont need it, but its like her, and the supervisor are good friends..

    I am going to Barbados on Nov 30th and Ill be returning on Dec 7th
    she asked my mom if she can come over and hang out. I told her I have to tell the agency that I am leaving on vacation. She told me I cant leave the country because then they will stop my home health care

    i actually want her to go, but I am afraid maybe somewhere down the line I may need a HHA.. then what? Is it possible for my mother to work for this agency and take care of me?

    i dont know what to do at this point. I mean I am going on my vacation..
    i am thankful for all she has done, but its like shes a bully now and I cant stand her ass.

    is it possible for me to call the agency and ask them to put off my service? can i do that???

    Also I have a wheel chair that cost around 4000.00 dollars , and it just sitting in our garage. I dont know what to do with it. ill post some pics later maybe i can donate it or give it to someone who actually needs it.
    or if anyone knows of a church or something...( new wheel chair, never used it)

    Thanks for reading....all help appreciated

    also to add real quick.. its like they never expected me to walk again. I feel as if hey are using this sistuation for their own gains. I just want to return to work in Jan.
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