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    "From the Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals (11/19/2010):
    It is important for you to know that some major changes are occurring with the Academy of SCI Professionals. On November 17th, Paralyzed Veterans of America announced their decision to discontinue their involvement in the Academy and we respect PVA's decision to pursue their interests. We are grateful for the support that PVA extended to the Academy in our early development and value our collaboration over the past two years. Going forward, we continue the process of maturing into a vibrant organization focused on the care of persons with spinal cord injury or impairment. The Academy would like to assure all of its members and potential members that the Academy leadership is working diligently on moving the Academy’s mission forward and transitioning the Academy web site, list serve and association management. Look for coming emails providing updates on Academy activities including plans for the annual conference. The Academy will continue to offer the highest quality educational experience in SCI care and rehabilitation through our Annual Conference. The Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine is also entering a new era with a new publishing company, Maney Publishing, which will bring to the journal and your membership benefits a new look, access to on-line editions, and options to benefit from some of Maney's other publications. We continue to have a committed membership coupled with strong leadership and look forward to a long and fruitful future. "

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    Mary Ann, you may want to look at a previous discussion about this on the Veterans forum. It is a very sad day, and I fear, the end of the Academy.

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    DISCLOSURE: I am an ASCIP member who was just appointed to the Electronic Communications Committee for the SCI Therapy Leadership Council and will be playing a role in resurrecting the TLC section of the ASCIP site. The opinions I express here are my own personal opinions and not those of ASCIP or the VA.

    While the impact may only be temporary, the very fact that Mary Ann became a CC member in order to post the ASCIP announcement indicates that PVA has essentially decapitated ASCIP's ability to communicate with it's membership. I have yet to receive this message through my personal email. On the other hand, I not only received the PVA announcement posted below as an email, I've already received a hard copy.

    While PVA has been quick to disseminate their announcement to the ASCIP membership, they have yet to mention it on the PVA website. Still, they immediately took down ASCIP's website and posted their announcement in its place. The removal of the ASCIP website, bulletin board, and conference website to replace it with the PVA announcement strikes me as a deliberate attempt to disrupt the function of a professional association and the ability to communicate information to its members.

    Terms like "element of surprise" and "information warfare" should be reserved for military doctrine, and should have no place in a mutual parting of ways between two organizations working to improve the quality of life for those of us with SCI/D. Still, they certainly appear to be applicable to the current situation.

    I have no firsthand knowledge of what transpired to lead to such an abrupt parting of ways. I do sincerely hope that any emotions associated with this split can be kept in check.

    SCI/D professionals and PVA need to collaborate closely with one another, period.

    Any waging of information warfare and the ongoing resentment that would undoubtedly result is the last thing any of us need.
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