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Thread: Human Factor: A doctor, his injury, and healing insights

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    Human Factor: A doctor, his injury, and healing insights

    Human Factor: A doctor, his injury, and healing insights

    Although I have been a practicing physician for 30 years, and always cared compassionately for my patients, this past year and a half as a spinal cord injury patient has made me rethink my approach to health care.

    After having walked a mile in the shoes of my patients, I now have a unique perspective as the CEO of the University of Rochester Medical Center, a physician and a patient with chronic illness. As CEO I can work with physicians and employees to champion the kind of medicine that will benefit patients, families, and providers alike. It is this rare opportunity that has driven me to work so hard to come back from my injury.

    On the Sunday before Memorial Day of 2009, I was riding my bicycle near my Canandaigua Lake home, when rounding a hairpin turn, I was surprised by an oncoming car. Swerving onto the shoulder, my bike’s back tire blew out, and I flew over the handlebars. I heard a crack as my head hit the ground and was thankful that I did not lose consciousness. However, I instantly became aware that my arms and legs had lost sensation and could not move. I was panting and diagnosed a broken neck and high cervical spinal cord injury. In fact, I had fractured the fourth cervical vertebrae, an injury similar to the type suffered by Christopher Reeve.

    Within minutes of my fall, I was airlifted to my own institution, where I would spend the next 13 days in intensive care learning how to be a patient. I would be completely dependent on my family and the hospital staff for every need, an unnatural position for someone accustomed to being independent.


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    I enjoyed reading the article and watching the video.
    Thank you so much for posting these manouli!

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