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Thread: I have a brand new grandson!

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    Hey skippy - they're the cat's pajamas's that's for sure - its so much fun being a granny!

    Someone told me it's the closest we come to immortality ! Congrats and enjoy !

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    Thanks everyone for your good wishes!

    He is a doll. Looks just like his daddy for sure, but has brown eyes instead of daddys blue. He goes right to sleep when I'm holding him. I showed then how to do it and they are really happy about it since they have not been getting much rest. Just like his daddy when he was a baby, if you "pet" the back of his head near the ear, it calms him and it is lights out. Funny, but true.

    He is just amazing and it is so good to see the little family so happy.
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    Congratulations GRANNY!!!
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