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Thread: What does your Bathroom look like??

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    What does your Bathroom look like??

    I am trying to get an idea of what other fellow Para/quads bathroom setups look like.

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    There was a really great thread about that awhile back - there have been several, actually, but I bookmarked this one because it has so many photos (I'm planning a renovation, too).
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    I have a smallish bathroom, so I had to maximize space. The best thing about my bathroom is that I had the door widened to 36". My shower is to right of that, but it is big enough to "park" parallel to the shower chair for transfers. My faucets are standard issue Delta faucets with the single lever that I can move with the back of my quad paws.

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    Sarah's bathroom has been remodeled - ceramic tile floor, door has been widened, ADA sink and toilet were installed on the left side, and roll-in shower was completed to roll Sarah straight in. Prior to this being completed, it was just an average size bathroom. It very functional as long as she has help. Not much room to move around.

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    MY Basement bathroom

    Here's the bathroom in my basement I just finished. It's 8' x 6'-4"

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    Some picts of the bathroom we redid after my accident.

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    small apartment bathroom with a couple grab bars, and a little shower chair in the tub or sat next to it holding towels. trash can, supplies under the sink.

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    I wasnt sure if the OP was referring to remodeling or setup.

    For me, remodeling my bathroom(s) is part of my 10 year plan, but for now they are "stock".

    I've moved quite a few times, and have tried many different bathrooms layouts.
    I learned to prefer this basic setup, and when I eventually bought a house with this was one of my necessities.

    I'm para, and right handed. I keep my bathroom supplies in the cabinet/drawers to my right, which I can reach from the toilet.
    I use a showchair as my grabbar (or just grab the side of the tub) to help me lean over to the left.
    The shower/tub being within transfer-distance from the toilet is very convenient.
    Also those curved shower curtain rods make alot more space for you in the shower. Definitely recommended.
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    Thumbs up Bathroom

    My bathroom after my accident, very access-able!

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    Roll in shower 1988 [Before]

    Roll in shower 1988.

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