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    Fishing help

    My husband was a huge fisherman before his accident. He would love to just get away by himself and go fishing but there are now so many limitations. He has fished from a boat after his accident and is so happy when he would go. Of course he needed help in and out of the boat. Well brothers boat broke months back and it wont be fixed all too soon.

    Any one find a way to fish from a river bank or lake? Just seems to be too many cliffs and such where my husband cant get to. If we could figure out a way for him to get to the side, my husband would do a 180 and get out of the house more. Its was his passion and I need to help him get that back. Any help getting my husband off the couch would be much appreciated.

    Thoughts are four wheeler, all terrain tires, creating ramps at the river, four wheel drive truck to get him as close to the lake as possible. Any crafty people figure this out? He would need to be fully self sufficient with no ones help after a few dry runs.

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    I fish a lot. look for a state maintained park. often they are accessable, including fishing. I fished from the Ob pier San Diego with my brother in law who was in a chair at the time. I have a place that I take my trike to, and can get very near the bank without getting off. I use a mini uglystick or regular uglystick, with the lever cast and the large line guides, and can cast from my trike or the bank pretty well. also I am going to try fishing from a kayak again this summer. I tried last once summer, but got nothing.

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    Ok here is ideas of what I like to do at times when my spine is up to it ...

    Years ago I used to have a 175 cc kawasaski automatic quad called a Bayou it was a blast to fish from while riding on river banks .
    I just got tired of the smaller ATV quad

    Been thinking of getting a 4x8 small low trailer to pull behind my Van so I could tow my suzuki 300 cc larger Automatic quad to wherever I want ... I really like the bigger tires the suzuki has , the extra torque is also a big plus ..

    This winter I will modify the Front rack to hold my fishing cooler ....

    I keep my tackle box strapped to the rack on the back

    Because of my arthritis I drive super slow and just enjoy nature ... But love fishing .

    G L
    Just today I was setting up my tackle box

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    Damn GL that sounds like a sweet setup. I like the take on enjoying nature while out fishing; this basic concept can get lost sadly.

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    I started doing this corny style of fishing nearly 4 years back being I dont like getting in / out or on and off of things when I am in my mojo fishing trance

    Right now my Boyfriend has my Suzuki quad all apart on his special hydraulic ATV stand and I am going bonkers
    Maybe next season my quad will be back up and running
    In the meantime I still fish out of my trusty ol manual wheelchair off my friends dock .
    I tie a safety strap low off the poles to be sure My lightweight wheelchair doesnt move forward in the water ...

    Would love to fish with you all


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    me too GL

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    Thx Jody it would be great
    someday it'll happen
    I never give up on possibilities We just got to think of following dreams
    Your Friend ;

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    I live on a lake, when we looked for a house we only looked at lake houses (32 years ago). We have done sidewalk to water and adjustable dock to bow of pontoon boat, widened railings on front of boat for wheelchair access and removed all furniture. Boat is now 30 years old - replaced 3 decks on boat and 3 engines, works great.

    Another option is a 6 or 8 wheeled amphibious, all terrain vehicle, I have owned 1, 8 wheeled Argo and 2, 6 wheeled Max's. I prefer the Max. I see your hubby is T12, the transfer in/out should be no problem especially if you get the smaller wheels. I drove mine right into and out of lake with no problem. They go about 3mph in water with power to the wheels but I always liked to fish quietly so I put oarlocks on one and rowed it, on another I rigged up a trolling motor and separate battery. You can trailer these independently if you get a winch as an option and use a ramp trailer. I had a small "ear" welded to the top of ramp at rear of trailer. I would winch ATV up ramp onto trailer and leave ATV in neutral, to remove ATV have rope tied from rollbar of ATV to "ear" on ramp, when you drop ramp rope will pull ATV off ramp (caution: always park trailer on level ground or you will be chasing driverless ATV). The Max and Argo come completely hand controlled so no mods necessary. These ATV's are not good for use in rivers with current and I always had to take precautions with waterskier wakes. These ATVs are also great for icefishing as they float if you fall through.

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