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Thread: Does this seem normal

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    Does this seem normal

    I have a kidney stone in my left kidney and was told after a urinalysis and bloodwork, that I have a kidney infection. Thankfully I am not in pain and haven't had to take a pain pill since Sunday evening. I told my doctor that I have been tired lately and he said it's because of the stone. But I have been so exhausted this past week that I'm having trouble staying awake. Is this normal with something that has a kidney stone? I don't recall ever being this tired in the past. I have so much that I need to do, but I can't focus on anything because I'm so tired.

    Is there anything that I can do about being so tired. I'm nearing the end of the semester and have several assignments that are due. I'm under a lot of stress and I believe it's adding to this.

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    For me, loss of stamina and fatigue are usually symptoms of an infection.
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    That would be my question also. Were you checked for a UTI, which kidney stones can make you more susceptible? If no infection, I would follow a high nutritious diet, get adequate sleep and increase fluid intake. Also, do not downplay tht you may be under alot of stress with school right now.

    Follow through with the recommendations about your kidney stone. Are they planning any treatment?

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    Yes, I have a kidney infection and am being treated for it with cipro. I am having laser surgery on November 29th for the kidney stone.

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    the kidney infection is most likely what is making you so exhausted. plus the side effects of the cipro don't help. Some things that could help the exhausted feeling, besides the obvious rest. Co-Q10 it is a co-enzyme that our bodies naturally create, however when under stress or sick, we don't create enough. it'll help your energy levels. when you go to bed, take some valerian and/or melatonin. they are both natural & help with the sleep and rest processes. Melatonin is another compound that your body naturally makes that a lot of us are low on dues to the extra stresses that our bodies deal with. As for the kidney issues, to help clear it up, I swear by a combination of Cranberry, Vitamin C & Garlic extract. I take 2 cranberry, 2 500mg Vitamin C & 1 Garlic pill twice a day when I'm getting or have a UTI or kidne infection. If I take them when I'm getting it, they help keep it from going full flare, if I take it once I have it, it helps clear it quicker.
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