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    I am 16 years post injury and would like to evaluate my transfers. I'm currently dealing with my first pressure sore which has made me think a lot about my transfers and my skin. I've noticed that my tail bone or crack of my butt hits my tire when I'm transferring and I've heard many of you say that you have open wounds in that area. How can I avoid hitting that area and effectively transfer?

    Are there any videos or tip sheets about transfers?

    I feel like I need to do rehab over again after all these years. Barely remember the first round. LOL.

    Would appreciate any tips on this topic....

    I am T-10 with good upper body strength in case you have tips for my level.
    DFW TEXAS- T-10 since March 20th, 1994

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    head down, butt up
    T4 since 2003 motocross accident.

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    I pull along side the bed at a slight angle so the front corner of my chair seat against the bed. With the armrest out of the way, I put one hand on the mattress and the other on the opposite side armrest. Then, as crashmoto said lean forward and thrust my butt up and toward the bed, almost like my trunk is going to pivot on my knees. Between coming off the seat at an angle and thrusting my butt up, I do not come close to hitting the wheel. Although I have good triceps, it is body mechanics/the laws of physics that do most of the work. As a woman, you have a bigger butt to move than us guys (please don't be offended. It's a bonafide gender difference) as a t-10 active para, you should be able to handle it.
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    LOL Scifor55yrs...Nothing could possibly offend me after all these years in a chair. Our big butts prove to be assets to us in one way or another.

    I transfer the same way as you with the angle and pivot but I'm still hitting my butt. Maybe I need to lean forward a little more (I may be getting lazy the older I get).

    I want to make sure I'm doing them the best that I can so I can avoid ever going through this flap surgery stuff again. I'm putting a lot of thought in to every move I make these days. I'm definitely focused on prevention going forward. This is the hardest thing I've ever been through in the last 16 years. Thanks for the tips guys!e
    DFW TEXAS- T-10 since March 20th, 1994

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    I doubt that you are getting lazy, but it is possible that after all of these years you may be getting a little weaker. I would recommend that you see a PT once or twice to see if there is anything that they could offer. There may be a couple of new tricks or reminders that might be helpful to youl. You might also consider using transfer blocks to make sure that you are getting up high enough to clear the tires.

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    if you can't get a clean lift, use a board

    also, use a piece of pipe insulation foam, slit down the middle to slip over the tire and pad the tire should you hit it. definately softens the blow (i heard this tip here)

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