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Thread: seriously, can ER do anything when i'm outta mind w/pain

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    seriously, can ER do anything when i'm outta mind w/pain

    i can't take it. i want something, anything.

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    Dear Cass
    A few years back I asked myself that same exact question Back where I used to live to me Er's are usually full of people coughing and whining etc... I couldnt stand it ..
    I hope you feel better

    Sincerely ;

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    I have gone in for other things that admitted me, was accused of seeking pain meds even when I asked for none and was given none. found out that I had some very bad vitamine deficiencies, some broken bones and a very severe curv to my spine that was not there two years ago, so it may be worth you going to er. where is your pain? is it unusual for it to be so bad? sorry that it's been so bad cass.

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    Cass, I don't have any particular words of wisdom about ER's, basically because I would have to be half dead before I would put myself through that. I just wanted to say I hope it gets better soon for you. You obviously need some pain management specialist who can help reign this level of pain in some. Hugs to you.

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    Hey Cass, who can say for sure about going to the ER. I just know I've heard too many stories about being labled a drug seeker when you go to the ER for pain. It would be better to try and find a doctor to treat your pain.

    It took awhile, but I finally go to a pain clinic for treatment. And, God knows it's not perfect. I find they seem to understand the chronic, severe problem a whole lot better than the doctors I've been getting passed back and forth with. I even tried a physiatrist before the clinic. That women was killing me.......Everytime she started me on something new, she had it in her head I could do without the hydrocodone I use for break thru pain........I know I was becoming very depressed! All I could do was sit and cry. She even wanted me to start taking less of my gabapentin. The clinic I go to is hard to get into, but my neuro sugeon made the appointment and got me in. God knows I'm still in pain, but at least I don't feel like I'm going to loose my mind, at least most of the time. Most of my really bad days are connected to bad weather. I know that sounds strange, but it's true. I was doing pretty good until we had a storm front come through, and while it hangs around, I really burn and hurt.

    The clinic lets my neuro decide how much gabapentin I need, he put me back on the hydrocodone, and decided to try mst morphine. It took two months, but I'm taking 30mg three times a day. They said if this does'nt work, we'll try methadone next. Chronic, severe pain is a part of my life. It's not going to go away, you can't cure it. I'll use what I can, when I can, until I have to move on to something new. I don't have many options left......I've tried most meds already. That's why I'm sticking to this for as long as I can take it.

    I hope you can find a doctor that will work with you until you can find a dosage and combo that works for you. It's pure hell dealing with this pain. God bless....

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    thx, been to pain specialist, tried all the usual management drugs, not looking for pain meds, just wondering if, when it gets so bad i think i'd like to die, if they could really do anything to help. i hate ER, but there are nights the neuropathic pain is so bad, i just don't think i can take another second.

    one of these days, there will be something really wrong and i'll just lie here in agony thinking it's high level neuropathic pain. this is 24 yrs of hell. at this point. but the last 3 yrs it has ramped up to levels i didn't know i could even endure. i hate to think what's coming.

    i don't care about being paralyzed much any more. i want this agony to be helped. obviously, it's not going away and apparently will continue to get worse.

    really don't know if i can do it any more.

    has anybody ever gotten any temporary relief from ER? i mean, a shot, something? or do we just lie here writhing in pain on really bad nights and hope it subsides enough to sleep?

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    Only you know for your mental well being if you think that going to the ER will help. Maybe it will, you never know, you MIGHT get a dr who is sympathetic, educated or experienced in the kind of pain you are experiencing, OR you might get an ass of a dr who think's it's all in your head because "well, you're paralyzed you can't possibly feel anything" It is entirely possible that you have something ELSE going on that is causing all this extra neuro pain. Something that hasn't been diagnosed. A trip to the ER may give a fresh set of eyes/ears to your medical history to pick up on something that you've just passed off as "normal" because you're so used to it(I know it sounds crazy, but it was a new dr that discovered my thyroid issues bc she wasn't familiar w/my body & my throat didn't "look" right to her).

    You've been dealing with unbearable amounts of chronic pain. I think it would behove you to find a dr that deals specifically with neuropathic pain(not just a "pain medicine specialist", but someone who deals with things like Fibromyalgia, MS, and other auto-immune disorders) I can't remember what the specialty is...Anyway, it seems as you have something ADDITIONAL going on. Someone who's got the extra experience would be helpful for that. The ER MAY be able to get you the right type of help. And yes, there are injections that can be given, however IDK if the ER can give you steroid injections that would do the most help. They could give you IV pain meds while you're there & they might help a lot actually.

    I know you've said that you've tried everything, but I'm just wondering, so many drugs have come out & so many others have been used off label for neuropatic pain. Have you done a "drug diary" showing what you've taken, what strengths and how it worked or what effects you had? If so, would you be willing to share it here or in the pain forum? Maybe some of us could help try to find a combination of drugs that might help at a level that is tolerable. I use a couple of topical things that help me, one is over the counter, another is a prescription anti-inflamatory cream, but I've never seen anyone here mention it. It works great for a lot of my pains, however being topical I forget to use it & suffer from my forgetfulness.

    If you get to the point that you feel you can't tolerate it, go ahead to the ER, it may end up being a fruitful trip...although it may be an exercise in frustration. At the very least, it will be documented that you sought medical assistance for the unbearable amount of pain you are in.
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    no not me for Neuropathic pain. I had a twisted ovary once too. that actually was heaven when they put me out. I think that was the worst pain ever. they were terrible to me in the er too. tried to tell me it was V.D. It was a cardiac nurse with the patient next to me who noticed I had passed out. so, sometimes they blunder and figure it out.
    sometimes if stabbs or burning is really bad for me, I take a hot bath with Epsom salt and a drop of lavender oil. It actually helps, and I often can get to sleep after. if it is just my feet or legs or just my hands that are very bad I just soak my feet or hands in bucket of the salt and lavender. not sure why it works for me sometimes but it does enough get me to sleep a while.

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    Jody, isn't lavender known for it's soothing effects (makes you kinda drowsy?)...or am I mistaken?

    At any rate, that made even ME feel better just reading what you said!

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    ...and I echo what Broknwing said...she's right...

    Sometimes new eyes and ears see and listen better than Dr's who have "heard that before"...

    Sometimes 2nd opinions HELP!

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