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Thread: Kidney stones and sediment/UTI-like symptoms

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    Kidney stones and sediment/UTI-like symptoms

    The VA (W. Roxbury SCI Ctr.) has told me that I have had kidney stones for the last 2 yearly checkups, but I haven't had any obvious problems. I went through 10 days of cipro 3 weeks ago, and had crystal clear urine for 2 weeks. Then I started getting a bit of white sludge at the very beginning and a *lot* (3 to 4" in the catheter) at the very end of flow. The bulk of the urine looks clear, and not skunky but anything greater than 200 - 300 ml in the bladder makes me leak - especially at night (I usually cath at 300 - 400 ml). I also have no temp or other systemic symptoms. I don't depend on them, but Rapid Response strips show no readings far out of normal parameters.

    I've been reading quite a lot of the posts on stones, and though I don't have any pain, I can sleep 12 to 14 hours a night. It does not bother me to get only 8 hours, but it's easy to fall back asleep if I don't have to get up.

    Is it possible that the stones are the cause of the sediment and leakage?

    Forgot to mention that I had a urodynamic study done 3 weeks ago, and everything looks good. Also, I'm T3/4 complete and 17+ years post injury.

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    It sounds like your stones are small and not causing major problems, so they are choosing to monitor them only, which is common.

    It is possible that the stones can cause leakage based on their location. YOu do not mention if they are blocking the ureter, which seems unlikely or they would have suggested removal right away.
    If you are having new symptoms, i would contact the urologist.


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