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Hi there guys,

Well, here is my story, I was in a quite serious motorcycle accident beginning of the year (29 Jan) and I had damage in my back and my left leg. the back is fine at the moment, but I had a lot of trouble with my leg, mainly the drop foot, I could push my foot downwards fine, but pulling/moving it upwards was completely impossible.

I went through some tests and the doctor came to the conclusion that there is a blockage on the nerve that is supposed to enable you to lift your foot up, so I went in for surgery and it became better day by day about a week after surgery. I am currently at the stage where I can lift my foot up, but it is very weak still, so I can do it just enough so that I don't need a brace or something to walk and keep my foot up.

Bottom line is, I really need some exercises that I can do to try and get my ankle/foot stronger so that I won't damage it more by walking strange and maybe hurting myself. I could not use my foot for about 7 months so it has gotten quite weak, the only thing that I did well do is stretch it so it would not get stiff.

Thanks in advance for any answers and sorry if this was covered somewhere before, I tried searching but I could not get anything that resembles my problem!

Dear Sir
I have almost the same problem like you.Hit with my motorcycle..injured on my right leg (knee cap and pelvis connection with leg) and also get the FOOT DROP problem Now after 1 year i can move my foot up a little (no dragging it) but like you said it doesn't have strength to hold my body when i walk so you can hear the ''flap'' sound from the shoe going fast down...Did you manage to make your foot drop stronger and walk Nornal Again??