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    Wondered what happened to the Tailwind. A now defunct company named NEXT MOBILITY, sold the TW for a short while at the same time that Tuftec sold the best indoor/outdoor powerchair, the OMEGATRAC to them. NM did a terrible job with the Omegatrac and the TW was removed from them very quickly. A company named MTS or Miller Technical Services took over NM but the TW seemed to disappear. MTS has also failed miserably with the the Omegatrac.

    A lot of folks, me included, thought the TW was the best power assist option offered before it disappeared. Fortunately with a number of great inventions like Pat's/Spinergy ZX-1 for $8,000 and the SmartDrive/$6,000, there are now more options including the updated push rim e-motions/$7,000 and the e-fix/$8,000 from Frank Mobility Systems.
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