my son doesn't have an SCI but this is his equipment list:

Wheelchair: Razorblade Jr. with custom seat from Freedom Designs Inc. Hoping to get spokeguards soon. We also have a stroller style wheelchair, the Otto Bock Kimba, which has tilt, recline and a sunshade.

Feeding: We have the R82 Snug Seat xPanda with the power base. Not only does it provide support, it provides simple push button controls to go to the floor and all the way up to bar height (might be higher than that actually). Works great for his independence. He can get in himself and push the button to lift to any table height or help cook (when we had a kitchen big enough to accom)

Bracing: Hayden only uses AFOs. He has the DAFO 3.5s, although we may be moving to hinges soon. We'll see.

Bed: He still requires all around railing for safety but I didn't want to get anything medical like the SleepSafe beds. So he has the MaxtrixKids twin size bed with a full rail on one side and 3/4 rail on the other. I am thinking to purchase the lift kit and lift it to low loft height for additional space in his room

Bathing: Hayden is able to sit in the tub so we don't use anything currently

Toileting: Hayden has very poor bladder control. Either he's holding and unable to release or it floods out with no warning (or him noticing). He still wears Target Brand pull ups in a 2T. We taught him to change himself although he still has to be reminded frequently as he has no issue running around in completely soaked clothing. For bowel accidents (same problems), we change him on the floor.

Carseat: Hayden still uses a 5pt Harness. I have the Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL that allows him to still ride rearfacing. For forward facing, he has the Graco Nautilus in full recline with vehicle seat slightly reclined.

Swimming: Hayden can't float at all. lol. He uses a lifevest from Stearns for 30-50lbs. His arms are too tiny for wings. This works well for him.