Leftovers Judy's Shrimpini el pasta cheezegrange
The other night I boiled up 2 lbs of angelhair pasta lots of spaghetti lol

Last night I took a can of Cambells Nacho cheeze soup in a can

poured it over 2 servings ( plates ) of spaghetti and added boiled / shelled medium shrimp to each plate about 12 shrimps

then topped each dish with about 4 tbsps of cheeze sauce then microwaved this each for 3 minutes and served

very delicious healthy meal all done with very simple leftovers and items from my covert

20 minute dinner that goes great with a nice wine glass of Merlot

It is amazing what one can do with plain leftover spaghetti noodles Pasta

Sincerely ;
cheffy GL