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Thread: New Taxi Cab fleet to be announced in New York City

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    New Taxi Cab fleet to be announced in New York City

    New York City has announced three finalists in contention to be the providers of the new taxi cab fleet for at least 10 years beginning in 2014. All three are mini vans with high access doors similar to London cabs. The finalists are Nissan Motor Co., Ford Motor Co. and Turkish car maker Karsan Otomotiv. The Turkish model is the only one that is fully wheelchair accessible from the bottom up. The other two are conversions of chassis. The city commissioners are in negotiations with the other two manufacturers regarding leg room and wheelchair access. A major goal of the Taxi of Tomorrow project is to make the taxis universally accessible. Wouldn't that be great news. Wish other cities would initiate projects like this.

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    Here's a 9/1/15 update on NYC taxis--I'll post the link for the article below, but the mention of W/C accessible taxis is near the end
    and this is what it says:
    "Only about two dozen wheelchair-accessible NV200s currently serve as taxis, city officials said. But that number is expected to grow in the years ahead as the city moves toward its goal of making 50 percent of the taxi fleet wheelchair accessible by 2020."
    Full story is at:

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    any pictures of a wheel chair actually using one ?

    london taxi

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    That's pretty exciting! Now if the rest of the world could get on this gravy train.

    Maybe Uber too. ;]
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    Just came back from New York and its a very accessible city.

    Subway, buses, Uber Access and Wow.

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