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    Hello, my husband is c4 incomplete for three years. He has bad back and shoulder pains and nerve pain. We were thinking about nerve stimulator? If you or know somebody who had it implanted please let me know, we would like to know if it worth having the procedure done. Thank you all so much

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    I am always the oddball, but you mention two pains which seem musculoskeletal and you also mention nerve pain. These are quite different as to what causes the pain. Some pressure or misalignment and such causes ms pain, while nerve pain is due to a chemical derangment deriving from spines attempt to repair itself with growth factors, which are inflammatory, much like the redness and tenderness of skin where it has been injured.

    Doctors have had a very hard time figuring out why so much pain after cervical fusions, especially two level (I am three level). For a very long time they said it was the facet joints. I had several procedures (injections) on facet joints (articulation behind the vertebral body) but it did not help. Now some are beginning to say the pain comes from zygoapophyseal joints (joint where v. body below meets body above). I suspect no one knows where post fusion pain comes from, but on my word it is really awful.

    it was thought maybe the artificial disc materials would stop some of the post fusion pain, but current studies do not show that really, and also importantly, artifical discs do not stop degeneration at the spinal segments above and below fusion. This is a disappointment because it was hoped the softer give of synthetic discs would ease the load on levels above and below. It would appear we are not there yet.

    As to nerve pain, if you mean actual neuropathic pain, Dr. Young's answer on fibromyalgia a day or two ago is very good reading.

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    trial worked, three revisions to reset the permanent electrodes and it does nothing. working correctly but does no mask/cover or otherwise diminish the pain, some folks find it looses efficacy over time as well

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    thank u all for your kind and wonderful advices, hopefully one day i will be able to help my husband with his horrible pain. He is posterior cervical fusion from c2 to c5 and has diffirent kind of pain, its very hard to describe it, but thank you all very much

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