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Thread: Exercise For Posture and Muscle Imbalance

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    Exercise For Posture and Muscle Imbalance

    I'm sure a thread has been started on this at one time but would like to bring this discussion up to date.

    First, I'm am a T6-7 complete. I have NO balance.

    I'd like to know what exercises others here do to correct muscle imbalance and to correct bad posture as a result. Please share.
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    Here are a few things I tried for balance...
    1. try balancing on a bosu ball (it's the top half of an exercise ball) Very challenging.
    2. sit on the floor unaided and lift arms to side and out front
    3. go to lake or ocean and sit in surf and fight the waves desire to knock you over. Fun.
    For posture...
    1. pull shoulders back and pinch upper back muscles together. Keep practicing.
    2. Roll shoulders backwards
    3. visualize you head being hung from the ceiling and your body draped over skeleton. Old dancers trick.

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    if u can, you should really start by doing trunk/core crunches, sit-ups(as far back as u can go), sit at a table sideways put arm out to ur side on table lean/reach, then back to center(works abs/obliques/back)...if u have a strong core, u will be better centered, balanced, sit up straighter.....

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