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Thread: wheels & such: Frog Legs forks, aluminum hub casters, x-core wheels, sun wheels, shox

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    wheels & such: Frog Legs forks, aluminum hub casters, x-core wheels, sun wheels, shox

    alrighty... clearing out the closet. I've got some goodies to sell:

    1 set of Frog Legs suspension forks, black, lightly used (about 1 week). Currently the threaded insert is for a Marvel M1 fork stem bolt. You'll need to contact Frog Legs to order a different insert for your chair... easy to swap though.

    1 set of 4x1.5" aluminum hub Frog Legs soft roll casters, currently installed on the forks. Used but in great condition.

    1 set of 6x1.5" aluminum hub Frog Legs soft roll casters, used, good condition. Great outdoor caster.

    1 set of X-Core wheels, 25" (559) with vinyl coated hand rims. Continental mountain bike tires installed. Well used but they have plenty of life yet.

    1 set of Sun CR20 wheels, 25" (559) with anodized hand rims. Primo Racer tires installed. Never used.

    1 set of Shox solid tires. 25" (559). Black. Never used.

    1 set of Hutchinson Python AirLight mountain bike tires, 26x2.0" & folding. Never used. Fits a 25" (559) wheelchair rim. Lightweight & a great outdoor tire.

    pricing: make offers & we'll negotiate... I'm a motivated seller
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    Frog Legs forks + 4" casters

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    6" aluminum hub FL casters

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    Hutchinson tires

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    time to move this stuff.

    X-Cores: $115 shipped
    Sun wheels: $90 shipped
    FL forks: $150 shipped
    FL 4x1.5" wheels: $35 shipped
    FL 6x1.5" wheels: $35 shipped

    *shipping only included to lower 48 states in the US.
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    Are the sun wheels lighter and better than say spinergy spox's?

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    They're not lighter than Spox, no. They're pretty basic wheels.

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