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Thread: Help my computer has an STD

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    Quote Originally Posted by addiesue View Post
    Really I don't know what happened but I have an idea I got a virus. COuld be from clicking on something I shouldn't have, could be from a strange email that I got the other day claiming I had a package from DHL. I opened it, clikced something, nothing happened thought I was ok.
    Today I turned off my computer, it started doing it's updates. Turned it back on later only to find over 2000 files in my document folder.

    I am also getting little popups from Windows security alert saying RAM memory usage is critically high

    Another saying windows can't find hard disk space, hard drive error. Another saying Damaged hard drive clusters.

    McAfee keeps popping up saying it removed a trojan.

    Help I am typing a paper!!! I can't have this happen right now!
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    Addie, your comp sounds like it's goin' nuts!
    Mine seems to have a webroot mom is trying to fix it. I'll check out the links in this post(or rather have her check them out) and see if any of them would be helpful for my comp...I'm more hardware than software...
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    I volunteer at Big Brothers Big Sisters. Sometimes I use my computer to do assessments on kids for them, so their IT guy is looking into it. He said he spent 3 hours on it Wednesday and it's the worst he's seen. He's still not fixed it.
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    I had to give up on one my daughter was using, and just reformat the hd and start fresh. It wasn;t worth the trouble.

    But generally, malwarebytes gets the tough ones other programs miss.
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    wow I have the exact same thing happening to my computer Addiesue. I wonder why I keep getting these viruses when I have anti-virus and I started doing the updates like I'm suppossed to.

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    My mom has followed all the recommended steps above. It wasn't until the SECOND run of AVG that it finally picked up anything...ACK! and we KNEW there was a root-kit problem. She worked on it for nearly 24hrs straight & finally passed out...she's not done yet, but hopefully tomorrow it'll be finished.

    UGH...All of this from a fake Adobe update...

    the problem w/just reformatting is if it's a root-kit or boot virus, it'll bypass the reformat & write itself into the boot-up settings. We went through this w/mom's but still had the virus on the drive. was a PITA
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