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Thread: Help my computer has an STD

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    Help my computer has an STD

    Really I don't know what happened but I have an idea I got a virus. COuld be from clicking on something I shouldn't have, could be from a strange email that I got the other day claiming I had a package from DHL. I opened it, clikced something, nothing happened thought I was ok.
    Today I turned off my computer, it started doing it's updates. Turned it back on later only to find over 2000 files in my document folder.

    I am also getting little popups from Windows security alert saying RAM memory usage is critically high

    Another saying windows can't find hard disk space, hard drive error. Another saying Damaged hard drive clusters.

    McAfee keeps popping up saying it removed a trojan.

    Help I am typing a paper!!! I can't have this happen right now!
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    Free Online Spyware/Virus Scanner

    1. OneCare Live PC Safety Scan

    2. To remove Malware use Malwarebytes.
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    I have had success removing Trojans following Titanium's "mrt.exe" suggestion from this post. It may be included in the the Windows info PN has provided.

    Hope you get a quick fix,

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    I run Webroot Anti virus, it works pretty good. If you think you have a Virus, you just run a complete scan and Quaranteen the Virus. I've been lucky with mine in a couple of years it's only picked up one Virus but always picks up and Quaranteens a whole bunch of spyware.
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    I've used malwarebytes a few time so get rid of nasty virii. It can take up to 4 hours to run a complete scan.
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    Get it quick! Viruses start blocking things like updates and restores. I am not a pro but I work on computers for people and have fought with a few viruses. I use all free stuff and that has worked for me. First try to update McAfee then what I use is SUPERAntiSpyware, Malewarebytes, MS Security Essentials(you can use your McAfee). Update all of them then boot up in safemode and run all with full scan. In the order I have them listed.(don't know if it really matters but that is what works for me) If one finds adware , malware, or viruses it will tell you to reboot. Make sure you reboot back into safemode till you have run all three. I have ran one and thought it was clean but still infected so I run all three in a row while in safe mode. Hope it isn't as bad as I make it sound. Best of luck.

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    Has anyone ever used Vipre?
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    It was the DHL email.If you use mwb you have to change the extension to .xxx,also you may need to change your email client,yahoo scanned it for viruses and saved me from the nightmare you're going through.

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    kasperskydotcom free 30 day trial!! Works great,

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    Spybot Search and Destroy is good also. Get the HD clean and install AVG

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