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Thread: Form filler and password managers

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    Form filler and password managers

    Do you guys use one? If so, how do you feel about storing your encrypted information online for easy synchronization between computers and across different OSs?

    I've been a long-time user of RoboForm and have always liked storing my information on the hard drive and/or USB thumb drives. For ease of keeping up-to-date passcodes however, I'm contemplating storing them online on their servers. Even though it's AES encrypted I'm a bit hesitant.

    There is also LastPass which only stores your passwords online using the same type of encryption.

    Any thoughts? Do you think I'm being overly concerned? My thinking is that anything can be compromised given the opportunity and enough timeā€¦

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    I use chrome and it has that all built in, I let it store some stuff like for fourms and not store others like paypal. I don't know why you would want to store them online?
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