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Thread: Spinergy

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    Talking Spinergy

    Hello everyone, I have been on this site an couple of times me out if ya could!! what do you think of these rims?? Annyone else running these? I'm wanting to put them on my Quickie GPV! Thanks

    Spinergy Spox Everyday Wheelchair Wheels 22"/24"/25"/26" The Spox Wheels are the Ultimate Sport Wheel! Spox Wheels are ultra light weight, one pound lighter than regular sports wheels. Spox Wheels wheels for wheelchair are available with extra wide custom made CNC machined alloy hubs designed to handle the extreme cambers of today's sports chairs. New Disc brake style rims are lighter and stronger. Spox Wheels sport hubs have 24 PBO fiber spokes with a tensile strength of 3,800 lbs each gives the 2004 Spox Sport wheel unparalleled impact strength and performance. Everyday hubs have 18 spokes. Features:

    • Spoke Colors: Black, Yellow, White, Blue, & Red
    • Black Spokes are built on Silver Hubs, other spoke colors are built on Black hubs
    • Weight Limit: Narrow Hubs 250 lbs., Wide Hubs 350 lbs.

    Selected options:
    Choose Size: [24" (540mm) Narrow Hub]
    Spoke Color: [Black Spokes]
    Handrims: [Vinyl Coated Handrims Q-tab] [+$85.00]
    Handrim Mounting Style: [Long Tab - STD 0.00]
    Optional Puncture Protection: [24", 25", 26" x 1" Thorn Resistant Tubes] [+$6.00]
    Choose Tires: [24" x 1" Schwalbe RightRun Gray (25-540) #6705] [+$5.00]
    Shipping: [STD Ground Shipping in Continental US ($10.00)]
    Edit options
    $581.00 x = $581.00

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    What do you need to know? It's a well established wheel, (from a good manufacturer) that has been on the market for a long time. I've been running a set for over 5 years with no problems

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    Many of us have them...or the Spinergy LX wheels. Good wheels...lightweight and easy to maintain.
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    I love my spox wheels. I own two pair.

    Make sure to get them checked up at a bike shop every year. PBO spokes are awesome but you have a responsibility to yourself to make sure that the spokes and nipples are in good condition.

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    I have a pair of Spinergy LX wheels. IMO they are overpriced. They look cool and I've had no problems with them but $500 is a lot of do-re-mi. If your insurance doesn't pay you might want to spend the money elsewhere on your chair.

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    I prefer SPOX to LX based on the cost and a greater tendency for the LX to creak. I haven't heard a creaky SPOX yet, about a quarter of the LX wheels I've issued on chairs have creaked.

    To tighten an LX spoke, you also must remove the tire, tube, and liner.

    I just wish Spinergy would make the FlexRim available on the SPOX. There is no reason other than greed why they couldn't.
    Last edited by SCI_OTR; 11-16-2010 at 06:04 PM. Reason: Spokes can be tightened without tire removal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokey View Post
    I have a pair of Spinergy LX wheels. IMO they are overpriced.
    I agree. A cheaper alternative are the Sun Components Fusion 16 Wheelchair Wheels.

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    I have a pair of 559mm (25 inch wheels) sun fusion 16 DB (ADi disc brakes compatible hub) with foam rims. Never been used. With three sets of 540mm wheels, they never will be used. This isn't the for sale section so you'll have to contact me by private messaging.

    I'd like them to find a nice home.

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    Thumbs up Spinergy Spox

    I have a set of the Spinergy's, nice looking, durable. I use my chair everywhere(park, work, shopping) and run over sticks and stones with no wairping. Recommend with the Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution tires.

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    I Prefer round bettys Dino wheel for a wheel with a low spoke count. It is a wheel with a much smoother ride.

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