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Thread: wheels sizes

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    wheels sizes

    Hi guys, our wheels are 24" (540mm), 25"(559mm) or 26"(590mm)

    But bikes wheels are measured different? because i don`t understand why a 26" bike wheel is 559mm.

    So a 26" bike wheels is the same as our 25"? if i do a search in Mr google for a bike wheel and i want a 25" for a wheelchair a have to look for 26" mtb bikes wheels?


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    Dont know why, but you are right. It makes even less sense when you realize 559mm is actually only 22.1", not 25 or 26.

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    And what is our 24" in the bike world?

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    I don't understand the math but, i go to a bike shop and buy 26x1 3/8 tires (not nobbies) and they go on slicker than snot.

    My tires got the metric stuff too, but it also reads 26x1 3/8.

    I found the 24x1 at the bike shop fer a friend of mine also.

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    24" on a bicycle is a juvenile mountain bike, or some raleigh bikes used to have 24" models. their ertero size is generally 507, which is also the same as a 24" wheelchair off-road wheel rim. (but not a 24" wheelchair rim for regular use - thats 540). 25" wheelchair rims are 559, as are 26" bicycle rims. i have no idea why this is. just remember that you are better off dealing with the ertero size, as they are transferrable between bicycles and wheelchairs.

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    The ERTO sizing correlates to the bead.
    That is the part that actually fits on the wheel.

    If you have the correct ERTO size for your rim you can pretty much
    guarantee the tire will fit. Usually there is only an issue when you're
    fitting narrow tires on wide rims, the bead may not sit correctly
    on the wheel.

    The old style sizing, huge generalization here, but there was no
    standardization between the old bicycling countries, each one coming
    up with their own sizing and technique for measuring their rims.
    Usually the size correlates to the outside diameter of the tire, the
    part that hits the road and not the rim.
    So you could have a 26" tire with different height side walls which
    would fit different size wheel rims, but the outside tire diameter
    still measures approximately 26".

    25" 559 wheel rims seem to have the greatest choice of tires.

    I love my Schwalbe Marathon plus 42-590, 26x 1 5/8 , 650x40A tires.
    outside diameter coming in at approx 26 3/4" but then these are 1" rims.

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