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Thread: Live from Working 2 Walk 2010!

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    Hi Kate, you really are a super woman! Thank you so much!


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    Thankyou so much. As a new guy trying to learn as much about my newly acquired life as I can.

    Thanks to all here who open their lives up to us who have just begun.


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    I started doing this because during the very first u2fp event in 2005, we were way too poor to think of traveling. I spent the whole weekend stomping around my house obsessively checking for news on cc. When I got the chance to do live updates, I was all over it. I HATE not knowing what's going on. [/QUOTE]

    Ive been stomping around the house and crying for 3 days!!! For some reason, with all the emergencies and trips to the ER this year, this time I just didnt handle it well. I wanted to be in PHOENIX for so many reasons. Thanks for your help and understanding. Luckily the airline is giving me a credit.

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    I wish I was there too. But too expensive to go so far for a few days.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Quote Originally Posted by woman from Europe View Post
    I wish I was there too. But too expensive to go so far for a few days.
    WFE, I wish you were there, too. You would be glad to know, however, that your countrymen and one countrywoman were well represented. We talked about having a meeting soon in Norway. I will let you know before I come.


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    So where is next year's going to be? Please say Atlanta so I can come!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarheelandy View Post
    So where is next year's going to be? Please say Atlanta so I can come!
    100% in Spain, paella is on me.
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    Kate, thanks so much for all the time you took to blog this event. I was bummed that work obligations prevented me from attending and your posts were a great source of information.

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    I want to thank the nice gentleman at W2W who gave my daughter a bunch of raffle tickets. With his tickets she won a flip video camera and just loves it! I don't remember his name, maybe John. Thank You!!

    BTW - Jess had a great time visiting with everyone and felt very welcome even though she was probably the youngest in the group.


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    I thought is was Suzanne Poone who bought all the extra tickets. I told Jess that I was hoping she would use that Flip to make her first advocacy video and post it on YouTube. Great to meet you both!
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