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Thread: Live from Working 2 Walk 2010!

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    Can't imagine some members closing the bar. Sounds like it was a great and informative time. Thanks again Kate for blogging. I so wish we could have been there. We had such a great time in Chicago.


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    Thanks for blogging it Kate - enjoyed reading. It'll be even better one year when I read that a clinical trial was hugely successful ...
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    Thank you Kate!!!!

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    Thanks Kate!

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    Muchas Gracias Kate

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    Kate, thank you so much!!

    I thoroughly enjoyed attending the W2W Advocacy & Science Symposium. It is in my deep sense to whole-heartily thank everyone who has involved in organizing the symposium and making it so successful and meaningful.

    Wise has always been the first and foremost person I would like to thank who made us, the SCI scientists/communities/advocacy groups, all come together to the W2W with the common goal to help push for a cure for SCI.

    The Phoenix Airport Marriot is an ideal place for this kind of meetings. Once when you enter the hotel, everyone can gather together at the lobby lounge to chat and have a drink. Exit from the lobby lounge is a huge beautiful terrace where the “Networking Reception” was held. Going further down the hallway to the left of the lobby lounge is the Arizona Ballroom where the symposium was held. Across the Ballroom are the four meeting rooms where the breakout sessions were held. So, all the activities of W2W happened on the same ground level which made everyone closer to each other ever.

    Every individual speaker is approachable and sincere. I encourage you to attend the W2W if possible. At the W2W, you can always find the time and opportunity to talk to the speakers to understand their research further as well as to learn about their future plans. As a mother of a complete T12 SCI son, I always want to learn more and more in depth the complexity of my son’s injury and what exactly are the approaches needed to repair it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    This is the 1st time I wished I were somewhere else in, like, forever. Or since July. Thnx for the kickass report, Kate, and thanks u2fp and all who made it there!

    I was looking for you at the symposium and I missed you! Hope you are well.

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    Thanks kate for your incredible live postings. It seems as though the research efforts are peeling back the onion and we are getting closer.

    We were scanning some photo's a few weeks ago and came across some of our friend just weeks before his injury seven years ago. He's 6'4" in the picture and towering above the others. We had forgotten how tall he is/was over the years. I can hardly wait for a new photo of him standing, unsupported.

    The W2W symposium renews our commitment to go out and raise a few bucks and promote the cause.

    Thanks again.

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    Well, it was an intense and welcome experience, as usual. It's a privilege to be at the conference and I'm lucky that I get to bring it here.

    I need to say a few things to the community, and I know from the thousands of views this thread has been getting that there are lots and lots of you out there.

    I'm one person of u2fp's 7-member board. Only one of us gets paid anything at all, and I assure you it's a pittance. Usually 3 of the board members do all the work of making the conference happen; this year it was just 2, because one of them had a very tough health problem to deal with for much of 2010.

    I'm not one of those 3 people . . . I have a demanding job and a couple of other volunteer things going on, and so it feels very awkward to be the sole voice of Working 2 Walk here at CC as the conference unfolds.

    I didn't make this happen -- I just reported it. The people who did make it happen worked themselves to exhaustion, and that's not an exaggeration.

    What I wanted to say is this: we could use you. We could use more volunteers, and we could definitely use more money. We could use some energy and ideas and commitment. The conference takes work. There's a place to log in/register/sign up for the newsletter here. The zillion small tasks of making the conference happen would be so much more manageable if there were 100 people carrying them out instead of just a few, (plus their beloved and beleaguered family members .)

    Working 2 Walk is amazing, and I can't tell you how satisfying it is to know that you got to make even a small contribution, as I did this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john smith View Post
    Oh yeah, lots of play time. In addition to the conference proper, there was an evening trip to a Phoenix Suns basketball game. And, on Saturday, a picnic where hand cycles were provided. 40+ attended the B-ball game and 25 or more went to the picnic. Both were hosted by W2W with transportation and support provided by the Arizona SCI Association.

    I'll post more pics soon. Thursday and Friday night our group closed the bar, or, so I heard. In addition, I should mention that Drs Young, Davies, Wirth,and MacDonald made themselves available ALL DAY Thursday and Friday. Everyone had ample opportunity to visit with each other.

    I cant possibly imagine who that might have been! I will blame the Norwegians for being the bad - read fun - influence Too bad the Irish trio went to another bar, it was nice meeting Martin tho, and the infamous Buck Nastier earlier in the day.

    The doctors were great I had interesting confabs with Wise, such a sweet soul, and Stephen Davies who wants me to keep in touch with him. U2fp put on such an impressive conference. I will definitely volunteer kate!
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