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Thread: I need A diagnosis

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    Katfish - sorry you are going through all this. May I ask you your age? Definitely sounds like it is time for a second opinion. Don't give up trying to get to the bottom of this. You have to be your own advocate. It might be good that your physician was intellectually honest enough to say he didn't know what is wrong, but I think he needs to then say what he would do if you were a family member, where would he go for help.

    But that doesn't matter because you are taking it in your own hands and seeking another opinion from a neurologist and a multidiscipline-Mayo Clinic model facility.

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    Katfish, I'm glad that your doctor had the integrity to admit he's stumped, and also to hear that you plan to go to the MS Center. Do keep us posted. And happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

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    Thyroid conditions can cause Ataxia as a symptom, Cerebellar Ataxia's and MSA (Multiple System Atrophy) also known as Olivopontocerebellar Ataxia. I have a rare form from my thyroid going wrong and it left me with ataxic gait, jerky movements of arms rather than a constant tremor (more common with the ataxias) and difficulty co-ordinating speech/breathing muscles so if try and speak long sentences sound like I'm having asthma attack or something. I also get allergic reactions to stuff I have eaten before, twice having full anaphylactic shock and having to rushed to hospital for steroids and adrenaline. I have difficulty with bladder muscles too.

    I don't actually have asthma though they did check. Strangers often assume I have CP and if they know about different CP's they tend to assume I'm mild athetoid, due to the involuntary movements I guess.

    Maybe ask for full bloods panel to make sure the thyroxine has been absorbed and converted properly, even if your body appears to be making enough T4 to be in 'normal range' if its not converting to T3 then basically your body isn't getting fed properly!

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    Katilea, it sounds like you & I need to speak thyroid...I've got nodules & my TSH levels read normal when I'm not treated w/Synthroid...when I was on Synthroid(to reduce the nodules, bad move on my md's part) my TSH was way low & I felt like crap & gained a ton of weight...however my endo didn't believe it was possible...I found some information to back myself up & fired that dr & quit the PCP is treating my adrenal issues but I need to follow up on the nodules again, it's been almost 18mos.

    You described what happened in such a concise scientific way...
    L-1 inc 11/24/03

    "My Give-a-Damn's Busted"......

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