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Thread: SCIs owe a lot to our veterans

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    Absolutely, we owe a great deal to our veterans, and current and future military as well. Many medical advances came as a result of treating war injuries. It's a shame it took war to make them happen.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Thought I would wake up this thread from last year to salute our veterans again. Thanks to all for your service and sacrifice.
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    Thank you to all who served. You sacrificed much, and I am grateful to you all.

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    I was injured in 1964. The wheelchair I was put in was horrible, although it was a huge step up from the wooden one SCIfor55yrs used. When I went out in public many assumed that I was contagious and I could tell wished they could ask me to leave. When the paralyzed veterans began coming home from Viet Nam all that began to change. Suddenly there were intelligent young people in chairs who said, "This design doesn't work for me," and chairs began to be designed for the individual. I remember when I first got an extra long seat. It was glorious. Atitudes changed as these young men and women went out in the public, drove their own cars, etc. They changed my world and I am eternally grateful! God bless veterans!

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    brothers in arms

    to those i left behind, miss you all.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wazabiker View Post
    As a Navy veteran I appreciate the thanks and I salute my sisters and brothers who have or are giving to this exceptional nation through military service. Each of you are commended.
    Ditto!! Wazabiker.

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    Back at you guys Dale and Waza. As the days wear on and the years take their toll, I realize that what we did, going into the service , seemed natural and something every American male was suppossed to do.
    Now a days I meet guys our age and so many avoided the draft, did the 2S thing or give some other lame excuse why they didn't serve; it makes me realize we are special, in a way. I kind of pity them knowing they don't get that good feeling of saying "Yes, I'm a vet".

    We didn't run, dodge or waiver, we served and did whatever was asked. Welcome home boys; it's great to be alive!

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    Always Remember

    With thanks,
    GJ and NL

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