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Thread: Upcoming Neuroscience Conference

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    Upcoming Neuroscience Conference

    Dr Young,
    Can you give us a preview of what advanes and presentations may be made at the upcoming neuroscience conference? Do you expect any surprises from various labs and on what front do you see the greatest advances being made. I am particularly interested in therapies for the chronic SCI.

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    The Society for Neuroscience has the schedule of the meeting on its web site

    It is a true zoo. As the preliminary program ( indicates, there will be over 15,000 presentations (with abstracts). If you truly want to and have the time, you can even construct your own online itinerary for browsing through the meeting

    Thus, for example, I did a simple search of just the titles of the abstracts for "spinal cord injury" and received 168 responses! These are just abstracts that have all three words in the title. Whew. If it took 10 minutes to visit each poster or hear each talk, it would take over 24 hours of reading and hearing time solid... Try it, you might like it.

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    I took a look and I would spend almost every waking moment reading between now and the conference. Of all of the presenters, who do you think will be the wild card.Montreal, University of Washington, Rutgers, or Karolinska? It is trult an international presentation. I wish I had seen some abstracts that refered to humans though and not rats.

    Thanks for filling my sleepless nights with reading!

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